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George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm
In New York, putting Malta on the radar for the post-Brexit scenario
Business Comment 19-08

The harvest is ripe for those who venture forth

PKF encourages a new dawn in banking
Business Comment 12-08

The banks in Malta are not guided by the lending rates suggested by the ECB

Armada Mediterrana – another Sta Marija convoy
Business Comment 04-08

Regrettably, Europe continues to consider LNG as a last resort, although the massive investment at Marsaxlokk is commendable

A vision to revamp our maritime heritage
Business Comment 28-07

Malta can recommence to export the knowhow and experience in engineering and sheet metal skills that have been acquired over the decades as a major ship repair yard

PKF promotion in New York
Business News 21-07

PKF participated in a promotional event on 29 March, 2016, to promote captives in New York

UK equity market rallies as Prime Minister May trots in
Business Comment 14-07

So far nobody has taken the lead to address mounting social inequalities and offer relief for emotions other than threats, anger and fear

Brexit Britain may become another tax haven
Business Comment 06-07

Osborne’s brave move to slash corporation tax places Malta at a disadvantage, having its own corporation tax set at 35%

Democracy triumphs in UK’s ‘independence day’
Business Comment 30-06

We should respect the wishes of the majority in England and look forward with calm and patience to ease exit negotiations with the rebel candidate

PKF welcomes new drive on fiscal reform
Business Comment 16-06

The full imputation system is extended to companies who are operative in oil and gas, affording them the same advantage available to other industries

Epitaph in memory of a monorail dream
Business Comment 09-06

Transport Malta studies show that commuters waste at least 30 minutes a day being blocked in traffic

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