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MaltaToday Survey | Older, educated Maltese most concerned with corruption
Data & Surveys 22-03

A MaltaToday survey shows that 50% of university educated respondents mentioned corruption as one of the two m...
MaltaToday Survey | Concern on corruption hits an all-time high
Data & Surveys 20-03

MaltaToday's survey shows an increase in concern on parking and crime, while confirming traffic as the mos...
Maltese fourth most generous in the world
National 17-03

The Maltese are among the most generous when it comes to parting with their money, yet they are more frugal wh...
Libyans top first-time asylum claims in Malta in 2016
Data & Surveys 16-03

Malta recorded 1,735 first-time asylum applicants in 2016, whereas Germany recorded 722,300, giving it th...
MaltaToday Survey | Younger voters most undecided about which party to vote for
Data & Surveys 16-03

Voters aged 18-34 are the most undecided when asked who of the two leaders they trust most, and the most likel...
A year before election, Muscat retains 7-point trust lead
Data & Surveys 13-03

MaltaToday’s survey suggests that the political landscape has not been significantly altered by the esca...
Over 5 million babies born in the EU in 2015
Data & Surveys 09-03

Women first became mothers at almost 29 on average
Non-EU nationals plant roots in Sliema and Msida
Data & Surveys 22-02

Foreign residents from outside the European Union account for one in every five people living in Msida and Sli...
MaltaToday Survey | Two in every three dislike Trump. That’s huge!
Data & Surveys 20-02

MaltaToday Survey finds that more Labour voters are likely to be keen on new US President... sad.
Voters who switched from PN to Labour more likely to believe there’s corruption in public contracts
Data & Surveys 15-02

A MaltaToday survey carried out last week has shown that among switchers, the perception of corruption in...
MaltaToday survey | 41% believe present government involved in 'a lot of corruption'
Data & Surveys 13-02

While only 24% think that corruption has lessened since the 2013 general election, 40% think that there is mor...
MaltaToday survey | PN leads by two points in Gozo
Data & Surveys 30-01

A MaltaToday survey has found that Labour is losing 10% of its 2013 voters to the PN, but these gains are nowh...
Maltese diet: More pasta, less fries and less fruit
National 27-01

A new study has found that the Maltese are eating more bread and pasta but less fruit, vegetables and fat...
Eurobarometer finds 39% of Maltese never discuss politics with friends
Data & Surveys 26-01

Despite the daily tit-for-tat political spectacle, the Maltese may not be as passionate about politics as may ...
MaltaToday survey | 64% of young Gozitans say you need a political saint for jobs, permits and contracts
Data & Surveys 24-01

Younger respondents are more likely to think favouritism is rife in Gozo and that under Labour it has become e...