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[FULL DATA] Trust barometer puts Muscat in 11-point lead, but Busuttil gets trust boost
Data & Surveys 06-10

Opposition leader gains three points over summer
Teaching profession increasingly feminised in early school years
Data & Surveys 02-10

Women teachers over-represented at early stages of education in the EU • More than 1 in 3 teaching s...
MaltaToday Survey | Traffic tops list of Maltese concerns
National 13-09

Sharp increase in concern about the environment and corruption as concern about the cost of living, jobs and e...
Marsa loses half of its population in 20 years
National 04-08

Statistics issued by Local Councils Department confirm decline of inner harbour area and rise of St Paul&rsquo...
MaltaToday Survey | Fitter, better, healthier…
National 04-08

Fitness regimes, slim women and toned men, and maybe some ink too: MaltaToday’s survey on the way we vie...
Public sector salary list: see who is paid more than Malta's prime minister
Data & Surveys 29-07

Top positions in Malta's public sector include Air Malta's chief executive, and the executive chairper...
Ministers and money: Cabinet rich-list infographic
Data & Surveys 02-07

Ministerial declarations quantified according to bank deposits, shares on the MSE, spousal declarations. Loan ...
Who got Maltese citizenship in 2013? Aussies, Brits and Yanks…
Data & Surveys 01-07

Naturalisation data shows largest recipients of Maltese citizenship are from countries of former Maltese emigr...
How unfamiliarity breeds contempt on migration and integration
Data & Surveys 01-07

Ignorance of numbers, lack of education and lack of human contact increases hostility to immigration among sec...
Muscat trusted more by under-35s, graduates prefer Busuttil
Data & Surveys 24-06

Prime Minister loses ground with university-educated voters but still more trusted by younger respondents
MaltaToday Survey | Dent in ‘Teflon’ Muscat’s trust as PM loses 2.6 points
National 21-06

MaltaToday’s latest survey shows that Labour is losing switchers to PN, but Muscat retains a redoutable ...
Say hello to Neymar, Adele, Scarlett and Mason
National 12-06

Luke, Helen remain top names for boys and girls in 2014
How big is the caseload inside the Maltese courts?
Court & Police 10-06

Data released by the justice ministry shows an improvement in clearance rates and a reduction in the large bac...
Local councils: PN may have normalised support levels
National 23-04

JAMES DEBONO compares the 2015 local councils election results with the same 34 councils contested back in 200...
PN makes southern inroads and consolidates blue heartland
Data & Surveys 20-04

In fifth district constituencies, and in traditional PN towns, the Nationalist Party has secured convincing vo...