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Malta consuming average of 2.2 million megwatt hours in energy
National 09-10

But only 1.6% of all energy hails from renewable sources...
Surge in support for spring hunting ban • MaltaToday Survey
Data & Surveys 29-09

See our interactive data sheet and how we mapped out growing support for a ban on spring hunting.
MaltaToday Survey | Language, Mediterranean food, and the European currency: how the Maltese see themselves
Data & Surveys 22-09

MaltaToday Survey • Language makes us Maltese, food makes us Mediterranean and the euro makes us European
Hourly labour cost up by 3.8% in second quarter 2014 [data]
Data & Surveys 16-09

Annual growth in labour costs up to 1.2% in both euro area and EU28
Who did the ALS ice bucket challenge?
Data & Surveys 08-09

One in seven – some 50,000 – would have done the ALS ice bucket challenge in Malta according to a ...
MaltaToday survey | University-educated reject ‘Dubai model’
Data & Surveys 01-09

75% of university-educated respondents think that Malta should not emulate Dubai development model
MaltaToday Survey | The Maltese believe Ebola is the biggest threat to world peace right now
Data & Surveys 25-08

MaltaToday Survey | Angela Merkel most popular, Israel and Russia shunned, Chinese investment welcomed
MaltaToday survey | We like Merkel, Chinese cash, and think Ebola is the greatest threat to the world
Data & Surveys 24-08

A MaltaToday survey explores how the Maltese view the rest of the world
Slight majority agree with MEA’s proposals on sick leave
Data & Surveys 17-08

A fifth of respondents said that they agreed with the proposal but did not feel that sports injuries should be...
How does your locality fare with crime? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Data & Surveys 11-08

Our visualisation of criminal reports shows that St Paul's Bay, Sliema and St Julian's are getting the...
Malta among least impacted from Russian import bans
World 08-08

Russia has imposed import bans in reply to sanctions from the EU - how much does the Federation actually impor...
Unemployment for non-EU citizens higher than for EU nationals
Data & Surveys 30-07

Data for migrant integration in the labour market in 2013 shows unemployment rate for non-EU citizens notably ...
Just three out of 32 MEP candidates declare income from donations
Data & Surveys 23-07

Eleven candidates, the majority Labour candidates, failed to submit copies of receipts of the expenses they cl...
MaltaToday survey • Majority in favour of clemency for first-time drug users
Data & Surveys 21-07

85% think drug users caught for the first time should not be taken to court • 51% think that cannabis use...
Majority of Labour voters support Spring hunting
Data & Surveys 01-07

Majority still against Spring hunting despite 18-point drop in support for ban among Labour voters