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MaltaToday survey • Majority in favour of clemency for first-time drug users
Data & Surveys 21-07

85% think drug users caught for the first time should not be taken to court • 51% think that cannabis use...
Majority of Labour voters support Spring hunting
Data & Surveys 01-07

Majority still against Spring hunting despite 18-point drop in support for ban among Labour voters
Practically all Maltese say they are positive about healthcare quality
Data & Surveys 24-06

Respondents in Malta now considerably more likely to be positive about the overall quality of healthcare in th...
Italy overtakes England as most supported team in Malta
Data & Surveys 24-06

MaltaToday survey shows Italy are more popular among new generations and anybody aged under 55 years, the univ...
Most asylum seekers in Malta qualify for protection
National 19-06

EU data shows that over 84% of asylum seekers, mainly Somali, in 2013 were bona fide recipients of internation...
Mean temperature rises by 0.8 degrees since 2004
Data & Surveys 04-06

The mean temperature in Malta over the past 30 years was higher than the climatic norm of 18.6 degrees Celsius...
How party vote shares changed from 2013 to 2014
Data & Surveys 27-05

Compare how party vote shares changed from the 2013 general elections to the 2014 European Parliament election...
European Parliament elections - national turnouts
Data & Surveys 25-05

National turnouts for all European Parliament elections since 1979, across the entire European Union.
Poll of polls: Labour heading for absolute majority
Data & Surveys 25-05

An extrapolation of survey results conducted over the past three weeks by MaltaToday shows the PL heading for ...
Number of MEPs per member state
Data & Surveys 25-05

All European Parliament configurations for 1979, 1981, 1986, 1994, 1995, 2004, 2007, and 2009
MaltaToday surveys: how we charted voters over the year
Data & Surveys 23-05

Months on end of regular polling charted voters' loyalties to Labour and the PN, Muscat and Busuttil, and ...
MaltaToday survey • Labour in six-point lead
Data & Surveys 22-05

Labour leads by 6 points, down one point from 18 May thanks to a greater mobilisation of PN voters a...
Price of electricity in the EU: Malta below EU average in 2013
Data & Surveys 21-05

Household electricity prices in the EU28 rose by 2.8%
Germany, Malta only EU states with jobs growth from 2002
Data & Surveys 19-05

Employment rate for the population aged 20 to 64 in the EU28 down to 68.3% in 2013 •  Opposite trend...
Maltatoday Survey | Labour leads by seven points
Data & Surveys 19-05

Labour has restored its lead as undecided voters rise inside the PN’s ranks, while Joseph Muscat has inc...