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43.3% of floating voters undecided
Data & Surveys 25-05

MaltaToday’s latest survey indicated that 43.3% of floating voters are still claiming they are unde...
Surveys agree on PL vote, disagree on PN’s
Data & Surveys 24-05

Different percentages of undecided and non-voters account for differences in the PN’s vote between surve...
MaltaToday Survey | Labour still leads by four points, Muscat trust steady
Data & Surveys 22-05

Latest results remove last week's swing to the PN, and after removing undecided voters and non-voters woul...
Corruption is main issue for voters
Data & Surveys 18-05

No over-riding issue sways 28% of Labour voters when voting
Electoral surveys show larger swing to PN than Labour
Data & Surveys 17-05

All surveys conducted over this weekend show the PL losing more votes than the PN but swing is still not big e...
MaltaToday Survey | Muscat retains trust lead, parties four points apart
Data & Surveys 15-05

While all changes are within the margin of error, an extrapolation of the survey after removing undecided vote...
How the surveys compare
Data & Surveys 10-05

Both MaltaToday and Malta Independent surveys indicate an absolute majority for Labour when 'don’t k...
Labour party financing return reveals backing of high-rise developers
Data & Surveys 09-05

Labour’s €630,000 includes €80,000 from businesses, PN says over €927,000 came from small...
MaltaToday Survey | Trust ratings up for Muscat and Busuttil
Data & Surveys 08-05

Latest polls are out on MaltaToday, with both Labour and Nationalist leaders' trust ratings soaring
MaltaToday survey | The undecided: 16% of young voters will not vote
Data & Surveys 03-05

One out of every six voters aged 18 to 34 will not vote in the next election, the latest MaltaToday survey sho...
Trust Barometer | Muscat’s trust dips to Panama levels as PL leads by 4 points
Data & Surveys 01-05

At 3.5 points, the trust gap between the two leaders is the narrowest registered in MaltaToday’s surveys...
MaltaToday survey | 67% of independent schools alumni don’t attend mass
Data & Surveys 25-04

Survey on religion suggests Sunday mass attendance falls according to the level of education attained
MaltaToday Survey | Maltese split on teaching of Islam in state schools
Data & Surveys 17-04

Survey results also show a relative majority of respondents (48%) agreeing to making the teaching of ethics co...
[WATCH] ‘Typical’ Maltese female worker is a professional, earns €15,700
Data & Surveys 23-03

Parents are having less children and fewer women under the age of 30 are becoming mothers
MaltaToday Survey | Older, educated Maltese most concerned with corruption
Data & Surveys 22-03

A MaltaToday survey shows that 50% of university educated respondents mentioned corruption as one of the two m...