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MaltaToday survey |  Majority of parents ‘lie’ about Santa Claus
Data & Surveys 13-12

A MaltaToday survey shows that the Santa myth is peddled most by those who believed in it longest
Rate the Minister | Chris Fearne leads among women, Evarist Bartolo among men
Data & Surveys 29-11

Civil liberties minister Helena Dalli is more appreciated by men than women while Carmelo Abela, Michael Farru...
84% of Maltese say EU membership is beneficial
Data & Surveys 22-11

Eurobarometer’s latest “Parlemeter” poll finds that 88% of Maltese believe that what brings ...
MaltaToday survey | Panamagate sinks Konrad Mizzi to one notch above Joe Mizzi
Data & Surveys 21-11

Electorate rewards government on economy, health and education, but punishes Konrad Mizzi, who loses positive ...
Malta registers 10% increase in road fatalities
Data & Surveys 18-11

Eurostat figures still show Malta with the lowest number of victims per 100,000 people
MaltaToday Survey | Post-Budget: Muscat leads by 7 points, Labour by 3.5 points
Data & Surveys 14-11

Simon Busuttil makes inroads with 2008 Labour voters but loses ground among “switchers” – 40...
459 cases of smuggled goods intercepted by Maltese customs
Data & Surveys 07-11

Customs department has stopped 459 cases of contraband seizing a variety of drugs, contraband cigarettes and o...
Tax returns of Maltese ministers and MPs: politics the preserve of the professional class
Data & Surveys 19-10

We uploaded tax returns for the 2013 and 2014 years of assessment, and a few tax returns from 2008 onwards as ...
MaltaToday Survey | Concern on traffic reaches all-time high
Data & Surveys 10-10

Survey shows increase in concern on environment and high-rise developments, corruption remains second greatest...
MaltaToday Survey | The humble pastizz is losing fans and less people are eating the savoury Maltese snack
Data & Surveys 07-10

Women, the young, affluent and health-aware respondents say they don’t eat the hallowed Maltese cheeseca...
MaltaToday survey | Muscat trust lead stable at 8 points, PL leads by 3
Data & Surveys 03-10

Although he was seriously damaged by Panamagate and other scandals which saw a 15-point trust lead in January ...
Over 68,000 Maltese live in households whose incomes put them on poverty line
National 22-09

5,000 persons exit from severe material deprivation as social exclusion indicator decreases slightly to 22.4% ...
MaltaToday Survey | Lidl is Malta’s most popular supermarket
Data & Surveys 15-09

MaltaToday Survey • Secondary-educated and working class respondents more likely to buy from discount cha...
MaltaToday Survey | One in four eating out once a week or more
Data & Surveys 06-09

The percentage of those who eat out between once a week and once every fortnight has remained constant since 2...
Holidays: One in four going abroad this summer
National 14-08

MaltaToday survey reveals that those who can afford to take a holiday longer than two days are more likely to ...