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National 22-09

5,000 persons exit from severe material deprivation as social exclusion indicator decreases slightly to 22.4% in 2015, down from 23.8% in 2014

Data & Surveys 15-09

MaltaToday Survey • Secondary-educated and working class respondents more likely to buy from discount cha...
Data & Surveys 06-09

The percentage of those who eat out between once a week and once every fortnight has remained constant since 2...
National 14-08

MaltaToday survey reveals that those who can afford to take a holiday longer than two days are more likely to ...
Data & Surveys 13-07

The news is... around 500 of the over 1,600 who took Paper B in English language failed it.
Data & Surveys 10-07

Only 4% of respondents to MaltaToday survey support either of the teams playing in today’s final
Data & Surveys 28-06

FULL DATA • The survey shows 56% seeing some positive advantages in high-rise development when asked to s...
National 30-05

4% would vote for a third party
Data & Surveys 13-05

Russia is the clear favourite to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but Malta is clearly placed in...
Data & Surveys 12-05

Number-crunching the Panama Papers data: Mossack Fonseca clients favoured the British Virgin Islands for their...
Data & Surveys 08-05

Names we found in a Panama offshore company database first made available in 2008, and some others from the IC...
Data & Surveys 27-04

Head-to-head race on voting intentions for next general election dependant on Schembri and Mizzi's future
Data & Surveys 18-04

Sea transport between Malta and Gozo up by 20% in the first quarter of 2016, compared to the corresponding qua...
Data & Surveys 27-03

MaltaToday Easter survey assesses the state of Catholicism in Malta
Data & Surveys 21-03

Panamagate failed to dent the Prime Minister’s solid trust rating but hurt his standing with the floatin...
Data & Surveys 14-03

Simon Busuttil's trust has jumped up four points, his greatest leap yet over these past three years, to cl...