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Data & Surveys 12-04

The referendum on spring hunting is the sixth national referendum to be held, but the first in which the electorate’s say is final

Data & Surveys 09-04

Indecision on spring hunting is highest in Labour’s inner and outer harbour districts where the No leads...
Data & Surveys 05-04

No camp is leading by 6.5 percentage points, down from 6.7 points a fortnight ago.
Data & Surveys 29-03

Political leaders lose equal points in trust rating
Data & Surveys 27-03

Ireland, Austria, Malta, France, the Netherlands and Greece had values between 500 and 600 kg per person.
Data & Surveys 22-03

Support for both camps increases by 3 points as number of undecided drops by 5 points
National 11-03

In 2013, social protection outlay amounted to €1,390.4 million, an increase of 5.4 per cent when compared...
Data & Surveys 03-03

Support for spring hunting falls by 10 points – 8-point increase in undecided voters and 2-point increas...
Data & Surveys 09-02

Latest Eurostat figures show that EU energy dependence was up at 53% in 2013
Data & Surveys 01-02

MaltaToday survey on spring hunting shows electorate equally split between both the 'Yes' and 'No&...
Data & Surveys 28-01

Over 96,000 guns are registered with the Maltese police... but what type of guns have been registered? Find ou...
Data & Surveys 27-01

Concern on petrol prices increases by 10 points
National 22-01

University educated more likely to trust neither leader, Busuttil scores small gains among respondents who rec...
Data & Surveys 20-01

FULL DATA from MaltaToday's survey
Data & Surveys 18-01

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil trailing Prime Minister Joseph Muscat by 15 points in the trust barometer
Data & Surveys 31-12

Many of us agree with decriminalising first time drug offences, a majority will vote ‘yes’ in refe...