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Merkel on Trump: Terrorism not an excuse for discrimination
Europe 03-02

The German chancellor says Europe will build a relationship on the basis of shared values with Donald Tru...
[WATCH] 'Level-headed' migration plan is first phase before opening humanitarian corridors
Europe 03-02

‘We are not supporting an agreement without knowing the pitfalls… but this is an unprecedented st...
[LIVE] EU leaders agree on plan to close off central Mediterranean route for refugees
Europe 03-02

EU leaders want to process asylum seekers inside Libya in €200 million pledge that includes action on sou...
Malta, European Commission in joint call on EU to ratify domestic violence treaty
Europe 03-02

Civil liberties minister Helena Dalli and EU justice commissioner Vera Jurova urge EU to ratify Istanbul ...
Fresh Brexit legal challenge is blocked by high court
Europe 03-02

Two senior judges have blocked a legal challenge to the government’s strategy for leaving the single mar...
[WATCH] EU leaders prepare show of force on irregular immigration
Europe 03-02

Top priority for EU leaders is stopping migrant boats from Libya • Angela Merkel: ‘In Libya, we mus...
NGOs tell Commission: Don’t support Malta plan to send back refugees
Europe 03-02

Statements from ETUC, Maltese Democratic Party and NGOs: as EU leaders meet for Malta summit, they call on Eur...
Scottish parliament to hold its own vote on triggering Brexit
Europe 03-02

The Scottish Parliament will vote Tuesday on a draft law to formally trigger Brexit, a signal that the Sc...
[LIVE] EU leaders in Malta to discuss migration, bloc’s future
National 03-02

Stemming irregular migration from North Africa is high on today’s agenda of the 28 EU leaders, but not o...
Antonio Tajani: Europe must be changed, not killed
Europe 02-02

‘It’s the only way member states can compete on a global level with the likes of Russia and t...
Updated | ‘Closing’ sea border would lock refugees in horrendous conditions
Europe 02-02

€200 million migration plan on EU summit table for Friday
Tusk: Libya migration deal ‘within reach’
Europe 02-02

EU council president Donald Tusk says closing down the central Mediterranean migrant route between Libya and E...
Britain sets out plan for third runway at Heathrow
Europe 02-02

Plans for the third runway at Heathrow are to be published today as the British government begins a four-...
EU leaders to discuss Trump 'threat' in Malta
Europe 01-02

US President Donald Trump is a potential threat to the European Union, the president of the European Council w...
EU reaches deal for zero-rates mobile roaming
Europe 01-02

Deal brokered between Council and Parliament will allow EU citizens to ‘roam like at home’ from Ju...