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Panama Papers committee chairman: Konrad Mizzi will be called to testify
Europe 27-09

First meeting of the PANA committee in the European Parliament invites ICIJ journalists to discuss their work ...
Gozo farmers facing harsh foreign competition, need more land to keep up with demand
Europe 26-09

Farmers tell Labour MEP Alfred Sant of extreme underutilization of agricultural land in Gozo owned by the...
European Investment Bank to loan government €50m for social housing project
National 23-09

Agreement with EIB provides Maltese government with €75m loan facility for major projects and a separate ...
Malta to host EU summit in February
National 22-09

European Union leaders will meet in Malta next year to decide how to best implement the European ideal of a si...
Leo Brincat approval by EU ambassadors signals Council’s green light for Malta nominee
Europe 21-09

Despite European Parliament’s vote against former Labour minister Leo Brincat to become member of Europe...
‘No one knows’ what UK wants out of Brexit, Joseph Muscat protests
National 21-09

Prime Minister adamant that the United Kingdom’s deal with the European Union must be ‘inferior to...
Prime Minister calls for human traffickers to be brought to justice by international courts
National 20-09

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has called for countries to work together on the issue of human traffickers for t...
Updated | Sant reveals Casa ‘suggested’ Leo Brincat should ignore EP vote • PN MEP hits back
National 19-09

David Casa allegedly told Alfred Sant: ‘Leo Brincat shouldn’t repeat Toni Abela’s &lsqu...
Alfred Sant accuses PN of plotting to undermine Maltese presidency of the European Council
Europe 19-09

Labour MEP says after Brincat’s floundering in EP, Nationalists ‘only interested in puerile politi...
EU states could veto Brexit deal threatening free movement
Europe 18-09

Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic says it is ready to veto any deal between the European Union and ...
Malta ‘will leave no stone unturned’ to ensure common migration approach - Abela
Europe 18-09

Home affairs minister Carmelo Abela holds formal discussion with Greece counterpart, insists that migration an...
United Kingdom may begin Brexit in early 2017, BBC reports
Europe 17-09

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is likely to trigger the formal process of leaving the European Union early next...
After Bratislava Summit, Joseph Muscat says priority is to protect single market
Europe 16-09

Prime Minister emerges from informal meeting of EU leaders looking forward to a summit being held early next y...
EU leaders meet in Bratislava for ‘sober and brutally honest assessment’
Europe 16-09

The 27 EU leaders are meeting in Bratislava to discuss the future of the bloc amid reaffirmations that ‘...
Irate Alfred Sant on Brincat vote: EPP didn’t stop ‘LuxLeaks’ Juncker becoming EC president
Europe 16-09

Former Labour prime minister promises ‘eye for an eye’ retaliation for PN MEPs • PN MEPs repl...