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Opposition MP calls for inquiry on police commissioner's 'unacceptable' actions

MP calls on government to appoint independent inquiry on police commissioner’s decision to drop charges against a man who assaulted four police officers in Zabbar  

Jurgen Balzan
25 June 2014, 9:23pm
If government has nothing to hide on the police commissioner’s decision to drop charges against a man who assaulted four police officers in Zabbar “it should appoint an independent inquiry under the Inquiries Act presided by a sitting judge or magistrate, opposition MP Jason Azzopardi said. 

Earlier this month, police commissioner Peter Paul Zammit did not answer questions posed by the Malta Independent on why charges against a man who  allegedly assaulted four police officers at the Zabbar police station last year were first suspended and then completely withdrawn.

Speaking in Parliament tonight, Azzopardi said “We have had no reply from the commissioner yet, this smacks of arrogance and it is unacceptable.  Where is transperency? This government issues a press statement on the where dogs can go for a swim but on this case nothing at all.”

Explaining that the police commissioner could be in breach of the criminal code, Azzopardi said “what is the use of launching an international institutre for the rule of law if the police commissioner blocks criminal procedures against an insider?”

Azzopardi added that the commissioner’s “dangerous actions” showed that who blocked procedures in an “arbitrary manner has the same mentality of who is prepared to hold a frame up on innocent persons.”

Allegedly in June last year a man from Marsaxlokk assaulted a police sergeant and three constables and was subsequently arrested. Although the sergeant issued a number of charges against the man, including breaching the public peace, disobeying police orders and assaulting police officers and resisting arrest.

Reportedly, the charges were suspended in August and completely withdrawn in December.

Jurgen Balzan joined MaltaToday in 2011, specialising in politics, foreig...