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All articles • 'panama papers'
Plan B
Blogs 22-05

AD candidate Ralph Cassar writes: It is hypocritical to make a song and dance regarding Panama stealing our tax money, and then sing from another hymn sheet when others steal other countries’ tax money using Maltese financial services

Who’s best to negotiate the next EU funds for Malta?
Blogs 19-05

PN candidate Antoine Borg writes: Law abiding and honest citizens in Greece and Cyprus paid for the excesses and negligence of their governments. Do we really think that the chickens will not come home to roost on the excesses of the present government?

[WATCH] Scicluna dismisses German regional minister's attack on Malta as 'political stunt'
Election 2017 11-05

Edward Scicluna completely dismissed claims by a German minister as a political stunt by a politician who was facing the prospect of losing an election this Sunday

MEPs to hold plenary debate on Malta situation after June election
Europe 11-05

Debate on rule of law was proposed in the wake of corruption allegations against Labour leadership, but political groups argued over whether it should be held before or after the election

Considering not voting? Read on | Mario Mallia
Blogs 11-05

AD candidate Mario Mallia writes: Before you stick your voting document to a fridge magnet till it turns yellow, you have a chance of making something out of it

No Panama hat – just leave the planet
Business Comment 11-05

The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race

Greens want urgent debate on Panama follow-up, PANA demands Muscat's presence
Europe 09-05

Greens ask for emergency discussion on situation in Malta in European Parliament plenary session next week

Vote Green, Vote Clean | Ralph Cassar
Blogs 08-05

AD candidate Ralph Cassar: Clean politics and good governance don’t appear from thin air. The fight in favour of good governance and against corruption is something we have been doing day after day

PN goes Angry Birds with online game lampooning Muscat
Technology 05-05

Catapult Panama hats at zombie versions of Joseph Muscat, Michelle Muscat, Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri in PN's new online game

[WATCH] Muscat will go to PANA when magisterial inquiry concludes Egrant investigation
Europe 04-05

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat invited to PANA inquiry committee when he addresses MEPs in Strasbourg right in the middle of election campaign

A matter of authenticity
Editorial 30-04

Even without the proven accusation of bribery, Joseph Muscat’s cavalier attitude on Panamagate undermines the credibility of the prime minister and leaves the common man in the street smarting

All Panama Leaks tax cases still under investigation - Tax Compliance Unit
National 29-04

The Commissioner for Revenue has denied as “purely speculative” news reports that the audits into the accounts of Konrad Mizzi, Keith Schembri and Brian Tonna had been closed and reopened.

Scicluna: 'Up to Schembri whether to attend PANA committee'
National 28-04

Finance Minister refuses to be dragged into Panama Papers saga, insists that it is up to the chief of staff to decide whether to testify before the EP’s committee on Panama Papers

Brian Tonna publishes document of transfer of Egrant shares
National 27-04

Brian Tonna publishes documents he gave to magisterial inquiry which he claims show Panamanian subscriber companies assigned their two shares in Egrant

Malta fails to send documents requested for Panama Papers EP study
Europe 27-04

PANA committee study says Panama offshore model suggests as much as €237 billion was lost in EU tax revenues through base erosion and profit shifting

FIAU asked police to probe Keith Schembri weeks after Panamagate
National 27-04

PM’s chief of staff Keith Schembri was subject of FIAU probe, according to Times report

She called it plain. We all heard her
Blogs 27-04

It would be unfortunate to have to conclude that the real motive behind all this highly damaging suspense is merely to inflict maximum political damage to an adversary

People will believe whom they want to believe
Blogs 27-04

I’m impressed with how news stories are received, digested and absorbed by the public: it floors me every time, how so many people have this unwavering conviction about everything

[WATCH] Pilatus CEO defends bank's 'robust compliance system'
National 25-04

Hamidreza Ghanbari reiterates belief that nine-hour CCTV footage will allay all doubts about removal of evidence from the bank; does not comment on FIAU investigation

[WATCH] Scicluna dismisses call for FIAU to publish Panama report
National 25-04

'EU law prohibits the FIAU from publishing its reports...should Malta adopt a different practice from that of other European countries?' 

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