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All articles • 'panama papers'
People will believe whom they want to believe
Blogs 27-04

I’m impressed with how news stories are received, digested and absorbed by the public: it floors me every time, how so many people have this unwavering conviction about everything

[WATCH] Pilatus CEO defends bank's 'robust compliance system'
National 25-04

Hamidreza Ghanbari reiterates belief that nine-hour CCTV footage will allay all doubts about removal of evidence from the bank; does not comment on FIAU investigation

[WATCH] Scicluna dismisses call for FIAU to publish Panama report
National 25-04

'EU law prohibits the FIAU from publishing its reports...should Malta adopt a different practice from that of other European countries?' 

MEP says Egrant allegations should be taken to Panama committee
National 25-04

Sven Giegold: Caruana Galizia should hand all documents to PANA inquiry committee

Schembri to answer passport kickback allegations with libel
National 25-04

Prime Minister's chief of staff says allegations of kickbacks from sale of passport by Brian Tonna, part of campaign of lies

An institutional failure
Editorial 24-04

While correct journalism demands the publication of documentation and proof, proper governance demands prompt rather than delayed action

Someone’s head will roll
Blogs 24-04

When I broke the oil kickbacks scandal in January 2013, I had hard facts and documents. I presented them to the police assistant commissioner Michael Cassar on the same day I broke the story

Busuttil says Muscat has conflict of interest in magisterial inquiry ‘cover-up’
National 22-04

Simon Busuttil accuses the Prime Minister of lying five times in 24 hours

UHM calls for police chief’s head for delay in Pilatus investigation
National 22-04

Police Commissioner Laurence Cutajar has been chasisted for going to a fenkata instead of ordering an instant raid on Pilatus Bank 

Updated | Caruana Galizia refuses to testify at magisterial inquiry on Egrant allegations
National 22-04

Daphne Caruana Galizia refuses to testify to magistrate investigating her allegations that Michelle Muscat owns a Panama company, claiming that inquiry is a sham

[WATCH] Muscat flags more ‘errors’ in transcript of Egrant declaration of trust
National 22-04

Joseph Muscat says transcript published by Daphne Caruana Galizia got his wife’s place of birth and Panama company’s address wrong

Caruana Galizia says text of declaration of trust lists Michelle Muscat as holder of Egrant share
National 21-04

Blogger posts text of declaration of trust which indicates Michelle Muscat as holder of share in Egrant Inc

Muscat asks police commissioner to take Egrant allegations to duty magistrate
National 21-04

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has announced he has asked the police commissioner to ask a duty magistrate to start an investigation into the allegations that his family owns an offshore Panamanian company

Muscat: Claims that Egrant is my wife’s, ‘biggest political lie in country’s history’
National 20-04

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has denied claims by Daphne Caruana Galizia that his wife is the beneficial owner of secret offshore Panamanian company Egrant • Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says police should investigate

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif survives Panama Papers corruption ruling
World 20-04

Pakistan's Supreme Court has ruled there is insufficient evidence of corruption to remove Nawaz Sharif from the role of Prime Minister

Nexia boss denies claims he used BVI company to buy £17m London house
National 19-04

Nexia BT managing partner Brian Tonna says claims by Daphne Caruana Galizia that he used a BVI company to acquire a £17 million London property are a ‘blatant fabrication’

Prime Minister reiterates denial of secret offshore company links
National 19-04

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat admits that it was an error to remain silent in the wake of insinuations that he was linked with the company

[WATCH] Busuttil appeals to public for information on secret Panama company Egrant
National 19-04

PN leader Simon Busuttil has pledged to protect potential whistleblowers who come forward with information

[WATCH] Muscat denies secret Panama company Egrant belongs to him or his relatives
National 18-04

At Labour general conference, Joseph Muscat disassociates himself from rumours linking himself and his relatives with third Panama company 

Updated | Mizzi, Schembri to sue Caruana Galizia over money transfer allegations to Panama companies
National 15-04

Columnist alleges money transfers to Panama companies and claim she knows ownership of mysterious ‘Egrant’

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