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All articles • 'panama papers'
Panama Papers | Offshore became more popular in Malta after 2000
Data & Surveys 12-05

Number-crunching the Panama Papers data: Mossack Fonseca clients favoured the British Virgin Islands for their offshore structures

Panama Papers | The intermediaries: the people who make offshore possible
National 12-05

‘We’re not the ones facing the criminal charge’: MP who set up company with BVI connection, describes roles of lawyers and accountants who work in offshore

Same sameness, different difference …
Blogs 12-05

Scandal wears thin as both parties are involved

Updated | PN slams 'dictatorial tactics' as PL sheds doubt on 'secret' loan scheme
National 11-05

Labour asks whether there’s any link between individuals loaning money to PN and beneficiaries of Panama companies, tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis agrees with transparency register

Update 2 | HSBC says ‘error’ led to Schembri letter being issued from shuttered branch
National 11-05

PM’s chief of staff publishes letter from HSBC commercial banking saying 2013 reference letter for his offshore company was issued ‘in terms of standard procedures’ • Bank says letter issued from shuttered Attard branch due to error in correspondence system

Panama Papers expose Malta’s role in facilitating offshore tax avoidance
National 11-05

The profiteers of Malta’s financial services world, lawyers and accountants, leapt to the defence of the island’s reputable jurisdiction and its regulation by the MFSA

Panama Papers | 714 offshore companies: prominent Maltese, hotel groups, oil scandal business partner, and Belarus bagman's wife
National 09-05

Farsons chairman Louis Farrugia used offshore company for UK property • former PN minister Ninu Zammit, Norman Darmanin Demajo feature in list • major provider of services is EMD Advisory, whose senior consultants include former EU ambassador Richard Cachia Caruana

Through the revolving door: Fenech’s drift into corporate world reveals connections with former BOV officials
National 09-05

MPs' declaration of assets: Tonio Fenech is chairman of advisory firm wholly-owned by a British Virgin Islands company and acts as company secretary to trust specialist firm in Jersey, another tax haven

[WATCH] The Graffitti placard that says it all was the one that irked party faithful
National 07-05

Some PN supporters attending a civil society protest on Panama Papers have taken issue with Moviment Graffiti's direct political message

[WATCH] Civil society holds protest calling for Mizzi, Schembri resignations
National 07-05

Protestors gather in Valletta to call for the resignation of minister Konrad Mizzi and OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri 

[WATCH] Prime Minister hits out at ‘arrogant and condescending’ opposition
National 04-05

Government set to announce ‘new initiative showing a more transparent government’

[WATCH] Busuttil: Muscat loses opportunity to bring closure on Panamagate
National 04-05

Opposition leader says full weight of the law will have to be visited on law firms and financial services firms that employed Mossack Fonseca for tax avoidance purposes

Marlene Farrugia: If Mizzi loved his country, he would have resigned
National 04-05

Government defeats confidence motion 36 MPs against 31 • Konrad Mizzi does not vote • Independent MP who filed motion of no confidence against Konrad Mizzi says history will judge MPs for not having heeded call to uphold national honour.

Confidence motion: Mizzi’s apology and Labour whip’s forgiveness
National 04-05

Labour whip Godrey Farrugia gives emotional speech in the House where he speaks of forgiveness for Konrad Mizzi

The state of Labour today
Blogs 04-05

Joseph Muscat and his party strategists must go right back to the drawing board. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister is not in a listening mode.

So, is that it, then?
Blogs 02-05

The PM is failing to grasp that people hate nothing more than being taken for fools. Retaining Mizzi as a Cabinet Minister without portfolio was met with sarcastic one-liners and scoffs of derision

Protest calling for Mizzi’s, Schembri’s resignations to go ahead
National 30-04

‘Politicians should not be associated with tax havens and dubious financial dealings’ - Civil Society Network

[WATCH] Prime Minister confident he will convince people of his 'right decision'
National 29-04

Joseph Muscat says he has faith in Keith Schembri: 'He has always done his work very well' 

In the Press: Cabinet reshuffle on everybody's lips
National 29-04

Stories from today’s national press

Muscat reshuffles Cabinet in response to Panamagate and keeps Mizzi with him
National 28-04

Konrad Mizzi to be retained as minister without portfolio, former minister Manuel Mallia reintroduced to Cabinet • Leo Brincat to be nominated to European Court of Auditors, Keith Schembri - also implicated in Panama Papers - retained as chief of staff

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