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All articles • 'panama papers'
Trading places
Blogs 31-05

The Panama Papers drama seems to have taken a sudden, rather unexpected turn

Greens insist Keith Schembri should be investigated
National 26-05

AD hits out at ‘irresponsible lack of action’ by Maltese parliament

Update 2 | No Parliament debate against Keith Schembri as Opposition motion fails
National 24-05

Parliament convenes to debate the Opposition's motion that appeals the Speaker's decision not to allow a no confidence motion against OPM chief of staff

Businessmen with Malta connections in Panama Papers
National 24-05

Chairman of the Zammit Group Joseph Zammit is given scant reference in the Panama Papers

Schembri gave €1.5 million loan to Times
National 22-05

Keith Schembri tells media that €1.5 million loan was given to Times not Labour party to enable them to pay for dues owed to his company

Schembri, Sladden, Hillman set up Cypriot company for transactions to BVI offshore
National 20-05

Businessmen and PM chief of staff deny receiving or transferring any money to A2Z Consulta, a Cypriot company that was designed to transfer funds to a British Virgin Islands company owned by Pierre Sladden

Inland Revenue employee’s spouse found in Panama Papers
National 19-05

Employee takes leave pending investigation into Panama list since spouse is listed in connection with offshore company

Auditors Nexia set up BVI offshore firm for Shanghai Electric engineer
National 19-05

Chinese national Cheng Chen is Shanghai Electric Power engineer who in 2014 assumed control of offshore company set up in May 2013 by Nexia BT

PN MP warns Panama Papers derailing Malta’s fight against tax harmonisation
National 19-05

Kristy Debono calls for debate on whether bank interest rates and charges should be lowered, in light of MFSA study 

Updated | Mizzi says £5 million ‘personal revenue’ generated for Pcubed firm
National 19-05

Konrad Mizzi disputes report, saying Times report ‘misreading’ emails by quoting biography of his consultancy work with Pcubed

Panama Papers | Mizzi and Schembri chose Swiss bank’s Panama subsidiary for bank account
National 17-05

Bank account for offshore Panama companies required $100,000 initial deposit and minimum $800,000 annual deposits

How African billionaire Isabel Dos Santos cropped up in Panama Papers
World 17-05

African billionaire whose companies in Malta hold Angola state involvements has had to deny that her business manager sought to open an offshore company for her

Panama Papers | Edward Scicluna unaware of hotel group’s BVI holding
National 17-05

Finance minister Edward Scicluna was a non-executive director of a hotel group that has been revealed to have a shareholding in an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Panama Papers | Wife of Belarus oligarch in Malta used BVI companies during EU sanctions
National 17-05

Olga Makarova, the wife of a Belarusian entrepreneur who suffered a blacklist on his business activities under EU sanctions, set up over 12 offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and Seychelles at the height of the sanctions afflicting her husband’s companies.

Update 2 | Keith Schembri denies 2014 money transfer to BVI company
National 15-05

Prime Minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri denies injecting $750,000 into his British Virgin Islands Company, Colson Services Ltd, in 2014 • Schembri denies ‘intention’ to set up joint venture with Konrad Mizzi

[WATCH] Muscat agrees with banning use of offshore for Maltese citizens
National 13-05

‘We would have to examine the effects of such a measure on the financial services industry’ – Joseph Muscat

Tax justice – it’s in our interest
Blogs 13-05

Workers and businesses prop up society by contributing their fair share of taxes, their ‘membership fee’ for being part of our society. It is time for those who are in a position to contribute most towards the common good to do so as well

Muddying the waters on Panama
Blogs 13-05

Intermediaries opening offshore companies in secretive locations have to answer for their role in an immoral global economy.  But that does not absolve Mizzi and Schembri of their gargantuan act of political impropriety

In London, Muscat pledges transparency on companies’ real owners
National 12-05

PM can’t resist dig at Opposition’s ‘exploitation of party financing loopholes’ • PN reacts • Pledges on ultimate beneficiary registry is part of EU anti money laundering directive

Panama Papers | Offshore became more popular in Malta after 2000
Data & Surveys 12-05

Number-crunching the Panama Papers data: Mossack Fonseca clients favoured the British Virgin Islands for their offshore structures

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