Bieganski Art Festival commemorates 100 years from the outbreak of WWI

The festival will feature 75 local and foreign visual artists as well as several other cultural events

The Bieganski Foundation will be holding the first Bieganski Art Festival from the 1st - 31st August 2014. It will be a month-long festival at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, commemorating 100 years from the outbreak of WWI and celebrating art in all its forms.

The festival will feature 75 local and foreign artists with paintings depicting WWI, 47 local and foreign artists, exhibiting their works, 120 paintings from the Bieganski collection, Master Artist Ray Pitre 9x7 ft collection and 120 sketches and paintings from French trench artist Gaston Pierre Galey

Other events on the schedule include 10 academic talks on a variety of subjects, three concerts featuring Kantilena, Airport Impressions and the New Victorians, a fashion show by Gaffiero Productions and Pearl Haber, a Maltese/Gozitan Night with Ta' Mena and Aurora Folk Group, a wine tasting event by Marsovin, a Bieganski Banquet under the patronage of H.E. the President of Malta and the participation of the Malta Police Force during the Grand Finale, which will end with fireworks.

The Bieganski Art Festival will be the largest event of its kind, ever to be held on the Maltese Islands.

Tickets can be bought at the door or from

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