The forefathers of modern science commemorated at Science in the City

The first edition of The International Science Theatre Festival, within Science in the City, Malta will take place this Friday and Saturday.

Pino Scicluna in L’Uomo che pesò il mondo
Pino Scicluna in L’Uomo che pesò il mondo
Tim Hardy in The Trials of Galileo
Tim Hardy in The Trials of Galileo

Tim Hardy and Pino Scicluna will headline the festival with their productions ‘The Trials of Galileo’ and ‘L’Uomo che Peso’ il Mondo'.

The Trials of Galileo

In this 75 minute long performance, Tim Hardy will be exploring the first flowerings of scientific truth crushed by the bully church.

“The Universe is a divine miracle Galileo, not a clockwork toy! ‘Proof’ denies faith, and without faith we are nothing.”

This reprimand of Pope Urban contained Galileo’s tragedy – a mistaken belief that all he had to do was show his reasoning and evidence and the church would fall in behind him.

After premiering in Indianapolis in 2008 this one-man rollercoaster stars Tim Hardy (professor at RADA, veteran of The Royal Shakespeare Company, and star of major European tours) and is written by Emmy Award winner Nic Young. The play is presented by the Icarus Theatre Collective from London.

Supported by the British Council – Malta, The Trials of Galileo is being brought to Malta by The University’s Research Trust (RIDT) in collaboration with Teatru Manoel.

The show starts at 20:00 at the Palace Courtyard, Valletta.

Tickets can be purchased from:

L’Uomo che Peso’ il Mondo

Italo-Maltese actor Pino Scicluna is back with this one hour long performance exploring the discoveries of Cavendisch, Newton, Kepler and Brahe and investigating the biographical aspects of human emotions, unknown to most people – sometimes made out of obsessions, antagonism and deceases of everyday life.

“An hour of pure theatre, peering into the minds and in the everyday life of ‘scientific giants’ as Henry Cavendish, Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, Tycho Brahe,” as reviewed by Andrea Demarchi.

Human limits are surpassed by the desire of finding the truth, by the sharp and questioning look aimed to reach the most extreme boundaries of human knowledge.

This theatrical play transcends time and content, to create a synapse with many curious minds , hungry for knowledge that populate our social fabric, to discover and understand together that theater can be an extraordinary place of learning.

L’Uomo che pesò il mondo is written by Italian actress Katia Capato and Maltese actor Pino Scicluna, who together founded NuoveCosmogonieTeatro in 2012. Their performances unite an accurate historical and scientific research to a more playful theatrical language that at times touches the poetical, dramatic and comic aspects.

The performance will be in the Italian language.

Astrophysicists from the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy - ISSA - University of Malta (University of Malta) will be present after the performances of Saturday and Sunday for a Q&A session.

This solo play is one hour long and starts after 'The Trials of Galileo' ends, at 22:00, at the Palace Courtyard.

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