[WATCH] King Carnival celebrates Valletta

Axisa brothers dedicate King Carnival float to the Landa Carnival Crew’s 20 year anniversary of producing the famous float

Culture Minister Owen Bonnici (Photos Ray Attard)
Culture Minister Owen Bonnici (Photos Ray Attard)
Front of King Carnival Float showing the cake to symbolize the company's 20th Anniversary
Front of King Carnival Float showing the cake to symbolize the company's 20th Anniversary
King Carnival Float
King Carnival Float

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This year's King Carnival celebrates the Landa Carnival Crew’s 20 years of service to the Maltese population, according to Clint Axisa, son of the late Charles Axisa, and in charge of the construction of King Carnival alongside his brothers.

Charles Axisa had lost his life in an explosion at the Bugibba Holiday Complex in 2013, at the age of 59, and he had been in charge for the building of the King Carnival float until his passing. His sons dedicated last year’s King Carnival to his memory.

“This year we are commemorating the company’s 20th anniversary, as can be seen in the representation of a cake on the front side of the float,” Axisa said describing this year’s float.

“The back of the float is a representation of Valletta’s beauty, with bastions and sections of the teatru rjal and King Carnival emerging from the centre of the buildings to represent the fact that Valletta has always been central to Carnival celebrations,” he added.

According to Axisa, the float started being built back in August last year, but it had been planned much earlier than that, towards the end of last year's carnival.

Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici said that Carnival has always been a central part of the nation's cultural sector, and as such people should do their best to safeguard and renew the celebrations over the years.

Bonnici mentioned parts of the programme for this year’s Carnival events; including local and foreign bands, float parades and dance competitions as well as the ‘qarcilla’ event; a traditional practice that was revived last year and will be held in St. John’s Square.

Bonnici said that the plans for the new carnival village at the Marsa ship-building, are aimed at breathing new life into carnival. 

“Carnival enthusiasts have been provided with shelter to build and store their floats in warehouses at the ship-building, which we will be visiting later on,” Bonnici said.

“In the past floats have been exposed to the elements and as such they have often been destroyed by extreme weather conditions typical at this time. Last night would have had these results had these floats not been given the necessary premises. Thanks to this initiative, some nine floats have been saved from destruction.”

According to Bonnici, the Carnival Village would also incorporate an exhibition which appeals both to carnival enthusiasts and to art lovers.

“Our plan has always been to bring together two sectors which seem to be opposite to each other to appeal to as many members of the public as possible.”

Carnival Director Jason Busuttil, said that the Carnival village is a dream come true for enthusiasts.

Busuttil also added that this year would also see a tele-voting competition for all the floats, where the general public can choose their favourite float.

“The winning company would then be given a trophy to celebrate their success.”