Anastacia to sing with Joseph Calleja at Luxol

World famous singer Anastacia to sing with Joseph Calleja at Luxol on August 3.

World famous singer Anastacia will sing with local tenor Joseph Calleja at a concert at Luxol Grounds, Pembroke on August 3.

Anastacia, 46, is best-known for her songs ‘Left Outside Alone’, ‘I’m Outta Love’, ‘Pieces of a Dream’, and her power ballad ‘I Belong to You’, a duet with Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti.

She has sold over 85 millions around the world and has twice topped the U.S. dance chart. She released her most recent album ‘Resurrection’ in 2014.

She is also renowned for her philanthropic work in raising breast cancer and AIDS awareness. She has battled breast cancer herself on numerous occasions and underwent a double mastectomy in 2013.

The duo will be joined in their concert by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and the Joseph Calleja BOV Children’s Choir.




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