Haz-Zebbug fireworks enthusiasts promise a night to remember

The Pyro Rhapsody show – where pyrotechnics and technology meet – promises to be breathtaking

A 60 by 13 metre arch structure, 1,500 firework shots
A 60 by 13 metre arch structure, 1,500 firework shots

The St Philip’s Fireworks Factory is promising a show to remember as it plans to make use of a 60 by 13 metre structure, setting off 1,500 firework shots, this evening in Haz-Zebbug.

The Pyro Rhapsody audio-visual display, where pyrotechnics and technology meet, is part of the various displays which firework enthusiasts have prepared as part of the St Philip’s celebration.

St Philip is the patron saint of Haz-Zebbug. The feast is being a celebrated this week, after snap elections forced organisers to postpone it by a week.

Aside from fireworks, enthusiasts from the locality’s two band clubs spend months working on mechanised ground fireworks which every year prove to be a huge crowd-puller.

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