Mary Spiteri toasted in musical biography by Valletta Cultural Agency

Valletta Cultural Agency launches 2023 programme with musical biography of Mary Spiteri

She once did the honours singing at Jason Micallef’s election event when the former party secretary-general ran for election in 2013.

Micallef, today the head of the Valletta Cultural Agency, now thinks iconic singer and Labour darling Mary Spiteri deserves to have her life etched into a biographical musical.

Spiteri’s career will be scored on 16 April at a musical that marks the launch of the VCA’s cultural programme for 2023.

“She will be speaking about private aspects of her life and sharing personal memorabilia which we have never heard about before,” Micallef said of Spiteri, the famed Eurovision star who brought Malta close to victory in 1992 with ‘Little Child’, coming in third. She had previously represented Malta in 1971 and 1975.

Being the first biography of its kind that will be produced live in a theatre locally, ‘Mary Spiteri: My Life’ celebrates the Maltese singer by means of a repertoire of songs and interviews. “One of the biggest and arguably most controversial artists, whether you agree with her or not, Mary Spiteri accepted to open up and speak about her private life,” Micallef said.

With a career in singing spanning over 50 years, Mary Spiteri remains one of Malta’s most popular and recognisable voices, her penetrative timbre marking the seminal Tema 79 for the rock opera Ġensna.