A Eurovision comeback for Ira?

Ira Losco asked her Facebook fans what they thought about her returning to the Eurovision Song Contest with a song she wrote herself

Ira Losco’s 2002 performance in the Eurovision Song Contest was something of a landmark for both the artist herself and for that irrepressible hope that one day, that King/Queen of Kitsch title could belong to us. Between Ira and Chiara, we’ve made it to the top three positions a total of three times. That ‘7th Wonder’ performance is, by now, legendary.

Ira Losco asked fans their thoughts on Facebook
Ira Losco asked fans their thoughts on Facebook

Which is why the support poured in when Losco floated the idea of returning to the Eurovision stage past her Facebook fans, with a song she wrote herself. Most gave a resounding ‘Yes!’ in response. Others debated the idea – wouldn’t it be a step down for an established artist to court European voters for a bunch of points that, in the end, would mean little to her career?

Some called for caution, saying that the singer’s hard-earned reputation should not be risked in an amateur competition that is notorious for a voting system that makes it difficult for an island to make much of a splash.

So far there does not appear to be a reply to these comments from the songstress herself.