#piggate roasts Cameron on social media

Allegations, made in an unauthorized biography, that British PM David Cameron had once gotten up close and personal with dead livestock have triggered an enthusiastic social media reaction

The internet has been buzzing with allegations - made in an unauthorized biography of David Cameron, written by Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft and the journalist Isabel Oakeshott - that the British PM once got intimate with a dead pig's head, as part of his initiation into a student organization at Oxford.

The news instantly made waves. Whether the allegations are true or not is completely irrelevant, though it is somewhat revealing that even a story like this one - "As an Oxford student, PM put privates in dead pig" - is not completely unbelieveable. 

As all scandals go these days, a dedicated hashtag was quickly born and web users across social platforms rose to the challenge. In no time at all, the Net exploded with opinion, satire, condemnation and cartoons, as well as the lingering smell of bacon. These are the best #piggate Tweets we've found so far. 


Even Youtube's cassetteboy climbed onto the porcine bandwagon and remixed Cameron's public speeches to an old classic.