Tiffany Pisani to represent Diet Kinnie in latest campaign

Not too long after shooting Malta’s Revlon campaign, Tiffany Pisani is packing in another local campaign, this time for Diet Kinnie, while also representing the recently exported brand in the UK.

The shoot for the Diet Kinnie campaign took place under the arches at The Point shopping centre. Tiffany Pisani, winner of this year's Britain's Next Top Model, said it was exciting for her to represent Malta’s national drink... "it feels very homely representing the brand here, while also representing it in London.”

MaltaToday asked brand executive Lara Filletti why Tiffany was singled out to represent Diet Kinnie. “She’s a fantastic girl… apart from being Maltese and the winner of Britain’s Next Top Model, it’s a great opportunity for us to have her tied to Malta’s favourite soft drink.”

The campaign will start in January 2011, and is expected to last for one year, Filletti said.

“Diet Kinnie has been linked to the Maltese fashion industry for the past ten to fifteen years, and is generally represented by models, so it was even more appropriate to have Tiffany represent the brand,” she said.

MaltaToday caught up with Tiffany on her latest developments in the UK, and clearly the girl has a busy schedule. “I’m still promoting Revlon in the UK, and have also had fashion shows in Wales and Manchester,” she said. “A couple of weeks ago I met Jimmy Choo in London and we will be working together on tourism promotions for Malaysia.”

She speaks about her meeting with the famous shoe designer with such ease, one might think she was referring to an ordinary day-to-day meeting with a friend.

Tiffany also got the interesting opportunity to be part of the panel of judges for the upcoming cycle seven of Britain’s Next Top Model. “I was there for their interviews along with other judges, and couldn’t believe that just around a year ago, I was the one standing there looking as nervous as the girls I saw before me…the year has flown by!”

“It was very interesting for me to be a part of the experience; I asked them a few questions, offered them support and also tried to calm them down…there were moments it felt strange being on the other side of things.”

Tiffany got to participate in and be a judge on the face of Swansea, a fashion show in Wales which took place last month. She appeared on the magazine of online fashion store Asos, and is also gracing the cover of this month’s issue of Company magazine, which was one of her winning prizes. The striking 18-year old model also managed to throw in some charity work in the UK, working the catwalk alongside trained assistance dogs.

Tiffany appeared on today’s shoot sporting yet a different hair colour. True to what the judges had told her at the BNTM finale, that any hair colour and style would suit her, she opted for a classic red colour as part of a campaign for Schwarzkopf hair products.

“The colour I’m wearing is their new best-selling colour, and is another campaign I’m involved in in the UK which should be out around Christmas time,” Tiffany said.

Will busy Tiff be taking a break this festive season? “I’m looking forward to being home for Christmas and the New Year; I have only been home for around a week since all this begun so it will be great for me to be with my family for a stretch of time, I’ve missed home!”

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