Panto actor injured in on-stage accident

Actor Joe Depasquale, playing the role of Ogre in Masquerade’s Puss in Boots, was rushed to hospital after accidentally stepping off the stage yesterday.

The show will go on after a stage actor in a performance of this year’s pantomime at the Manoel Theatre sustained minor injuries in a fall from the stage, yesterday.

Yesterday evening’s  performance had to be stopped when actor Joe Depasquale, who was playing the role of Ogre in Masquerade’s Puss in Boots accidentally stepped off the stage, 40 minutes into the show, falling 2 metres into the orchestra pit.

Depasquale was rushed to hospital, but his injuries were fortunately not serious.

Despite the incident, the panto will continue, its next show being on Boxing Day, where Mr Depasquale is believed to be resuming his role.

The audience for yesterday's performance will be given the opportunity to watch the show again on January 4.


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