Malta Film Commission present at Cannes Festival 2012

The Malta Film Commission will be present at the prestigious European cinema festival from May 16 to 22.

The Malta Film Commission's presence at the festival will offer opportunities for networking, in this hub of international cinema.
The Malta Film Commission's presence at the festival will offer opportunities for networking, in this hub of international cinema.

The film festival in Cannes is one of the world's most prestigious and publicised film festivals. In addition to international film stars, it attracts professionals from the film industry, the advertising and PR-industry and the media.

Accordingly, the Malta Film Commission as part of its programme of initiatives to market Malta as a unique and dynamic film location will be present at the next Cannes Film Festival between May 16 and 22 and will be positioned at Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) and The Location Guide Lounge.

The Association of Film Commissioners International and The Location Guide Lounge will be located alongside leading international film commissions and production companies at a prime location on the Croisette within close vicinity to the Palais des Festivals for maximum visibility.

The intention of the Lounge is to create a hub that will not only ensure participating AFCI members, such as the Malta Film Commission, are given visibility at a major film festival, but will also establish a central meeting point, for both commissioners and the production community.

The AFCI's presence in Cannes is about creating international dialogue - it's about connecting with producers, talking about the variety of tax and financial incentives that are available and how the film commission can help put productions together with the right people at the right time.

The Malta Film Commission, as a result of its participation, will have the opportunity to enjoy a presence at the festival and access to the festival attendees. This beach-side lounge will allow the commission to meet, to network and most importantly to discuss film production, the various types of finance and arrangements that exist, and how the film commission can assist in that process.

The MFC will also be hosting and participating in seminars, discussions, and networking opportunities which will allow the Malta Film Commission to profile their work, and ultimately raise the profile of Malta.

This approach helps to modernize the image and perception of the Malta Film Commission and how film commissions work today.

Benefits of using the lounge to the Malta Film Commission includes first-class meeting space, a screening platform for showreels, a complimentary bar service, a business centre, presentation of promotional materials to all visitors and opportunities to participate in seminar and media presentations. In addition, the Malta Film Commission will also be promoted in marketing materials issued by the AFCI and The Location Guide.

According to Film Commissioner Peter Busuttil, "it is essential for the Malta Film Commission to have a presence in the (global) market place from a brand extension stand point and essentially showcase Malta to the 10,000 film industry professional who attend the Festival each year.

The festival is recognised as the most prestigious on the global calendar and participation in it by exhibition or competition is a must."

In 2011 the festival accommodated 26,881 accredited persons of which 1,201 authors/directors, 4499 distributors and 4479 producers. Moreover, 3878 journalists and 1703 TV channels of 90 nationalities are physically present in Cannes to cover the ongoing activities during the film competition. The film festival also attracts circa 120,000 visiting tourists.

According to Clara Le, Commercial Director at The Location Guide: "We're very proud to be able to offer the AFCI & The Location Guide Lounge to delegates at the Cannes Film Festival, such as the Malta Film Commission.

With Cannes being one of the world's leading film events, a Lounge resource is an invaluable way to connect with delegates from around the world, to network and find out about the latest industry developments."

The Lounge will be open from May 16 to 26 from 10:00 onwards, while the AFCI is planning to host up to two seminars a day for the first six days to attract production professionals. Seminars will focus on producers' production experiences relating to specific locations around the world.

The Malta Film Commission would like to advise that it will also be preparing an information package for distribution at the Cannes Film Festival 2012 and is offering local service providers, suppliers and individuals the opportunity to be included in the MFC's information package (USB) that will be distributed to stakeholders in the film industry to promote Malta, and the services offered in the film industry.

Those interested in being part of the information package to be distributed in digital format please book your space by not later than May 11, noon. The cost exclusive of Vat is €250.

For further information contact the Malta Film Commission on tel. 21 809135 or by email [email protected]. To find out more about the Malta Film Commission, visit


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