Public consultation on new film policy launched

Tourism Minister says film industry funneled €100 million into Malta’s coffers this year

Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said the film servicing industry is a key economic contributor to the country
Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said the film servicing industry is a key economic contributor to the country

During the launch for the public consultation of the new film policy, Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis welcomed the drafting of the very first national policy on the film industry – 90 years after it was first established.

Zammit Lewis added that he hopes the policy will work towards giving “a clear sense of direction” to the sector.

Zammit Lewis continued by underlining that over the past two years, the local film servicing industry has evolved to become a key economic contributor to the country, adding that ensuring our competitiveness in the field is crucial.  

According to Zammit Lewis, it is owing to the ample potential of the film sector that the policy – the first of its kind – was drafted, under the auspices of the Tourism Ministry. The policy encompasses all areas relevant to the film sector, among them being infrastructure, financial incentives, the indigenous industry, job creation, education, skills development and screen tourism.

Zammit Lewis expressed satisfaction with the economic success of the film industry in Malta, estimating that it will have contributed a total of €100 million into the Maltese economy by the end of 2015 – a substantial leap when compared to the €29 million of last year and €5 million in 2013. The increase is complemented by a 45% increase in the applicants for the Malta Film Fund when compared to the 2008-2012 period.

The policy was put together following the establishment of a consultative committee some months ago, in collaboration with the Malta Film Commission and other entities, among them the University of Malta, MCAST, Chamber of Commerce (along with its Gozitan counterpart), ETC, Malta Audiovisual Association (MAVA), PBS, the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), the Malta Arts Council and other representatives within the industry.

Zammit Lewis said that the policy is now open to public consultation, and that any suggestions made by interested parties will be considered before the document is finalized. A public consultation session will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta on 25 September, with a separate session taking place in Imgarr, Gozo on 3 October (venue to be confirmed). 

Suggestions could also be sent by email on the following address: [email protected], until 19 October 2015.

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