No more live performances during Malta Eurovision final

Malta Eurovision song contest final will be a live-on-tape performance

Last year's Eurovision winners The Busker
Last year's Eurovision winners The Busker

The final of the Eurovision song contest will not be a live performance, but a live-on-tape performance which will be streamed to audiences watching the music competition, according to new rules announced on Tuesday.

According to the Eurovision’s new regulations announced on Tuesday, all (12) songs shall be performed live-on-tape on a special dedicated stage with a recorded backing track complying with the competition requirements.

The recording to the live-on-tape performance will be shot within a 60-minute session, and during the allocated time, three takes are recorded. One is selected.

Each performance may consist of a maximum six artists on stage. Small props are allowed according to the size of stage, only under the direction of the MESC Production team.

Final sound mixing will be operated by PBS to ensure uniform levels and quality of sound. The lead singer(s) of the selected song shall perform live on stage only.

These twelve (12) performances will be subject to a jury vote and a public vote.