Don’t accept dreams from strangers | AIM

Hard-working, hard-touring Italian rock band AIM will play a trio of gigs in Malta towards the end of the month. We speak to vocalist-guitarist Fiore and drummer Matteo.

AIM are: Fiore (vocals and guitar), Matteo (drums), Marco (bass) and Peppo (guitar and chorus).
AIM are: Fiore (vocals and guitar), Matteo (drums), Marco (bass) and Peppo (guitar and chorus).

How did you first get together, and which direction did you set out to go?

Fiore: Ten years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the band since I needed some people to play at my high school's prom party. This was the initial - not very ambitious - plan, through as you can see it's evolved quite a bit over the years.

How did the band develop over time, and did you go through any stylistic changes before settling for the style you have now?

Fiore: We formed in 2003. At the beginning the singer was Luca [brother of bassist Marco and drummer Matteo], and we played a kind of punk - hardcore stuff. Then Luca quit the band and we decided to experiment a bit more, though it was mostly instrumental stuff. After a while I started to sing. This has been the most significant shift in aim's music style. I would define our style as a mixture of punk rock and psychedelic music.

Why did you decide to set up your own label?

Matteo: Don't accept dreams from strangers. In Italy there's a lot of people who try to take advantage of people's passion for music. After growing disillusioned with that scene, we have decided to invest money in our music - as well as that of others - and treat musicians with respect.

You've toured your native Italy as well as Europe. What do you make of the European music scene, as you've experienced it. What does it take for a musician to 'make it' in Europe?

Fiore: Touring outside Italy has been definitely important for my artistic development. In fact, I constantly draw inspiration from the awesome bands and people we meet during our tours, redefining my style as I see something interesting.

To "make it" in Europe I think you need to have strong promotion, good bookings. Plus, you have to be ready to traverse plenty of kilometres.

Are you looking forward to performing in Malta?

AIM: Yes, sure. We want to sunbathe and look like Flavio Briatore.

AIM will be performing on April 26 at Coach and Horses, Valley Road, Msida, on April 27 at Zion Reggae Bar in M'Scala and on April 28 at V-Gen, Ball Street, Paceville.