Dispatches from the grubby beast | Joe Gideon & The Shark

Joe Gideon – one half of the London-based brother-sister ‘space blues’ duo Joe Gideon & The Shark – speaks to us ahead of the band’s upcoming concert at V-Gen, Paceville on Friday, May 4.

Viva and Joe Gideon.
Viva and Joe Gideon.

Sibling rivalry is about as old as time, and the old cliché about friendships being ruined after being put through the music band wringer is only slightly younger. How did you manage to survive that double-challenge for the course of two albums, then?

Not sure that we have. 

How would you describe the London music scene, and how would you say that you fit into it, or not?

I would describe the London Music scene as 'inexplicable'. I would never think to have a clue about what music lies at the heart of this gigantic, grubby beast of a city. But I know that we fit into somehow, since this is where we live.

What did it feel like to perform with Nick Cave?

It felt 'Important'. Like it was the birth of our band.

In this day of free downloads and watered-down pop stars, do you think that the rock star is truly dead and if so, do you particularly miss him or her?

This is a huge question. Maybe this music era we're in should be judged 20 years from now. And even then maybe it'd be more interesting to focus on the state of the 'watered-down pop star' as you put it, as a true signifier of our times. My suspicion is we'll think these 'stars' were the worst in the history of all music.

Are you looking forward to playing in Malta?

Absolutely. Can't wait.

Tickets at €12 be on sale at Coach & Horses, Valley Road, Msida and V-Gen. They will be sold at €15 at the door. For more information log on to the event's Facebook page or call 99 846382/77 636235.