[LIVE] Amber battles it out for a place in Saturday's Eurovision final

Live-blogging the Eurovision Song Contest Semifinal, it's the Eurovision Whisperer - Chucky Bartolo

Amber Bondin during last night's dress rehearsal
Amber Bondin during last night's dress rehearsal
23:00 Well done to all those through, and well done to Amber for her effort! We'll be back next Saturday live-blogging the Final. See y'all then Chucky Bartolo
22:58 Malta doesn't make it through to the final, an outcome we can all agree is extremely unfair Chucky Bartolo
22:58 aaaand Israel takes the last slot! Chucky Bartolo
22:57 Latvia also through Chucky Bartolo
22:57 Azerbaijan! Well deserved Chucky Bartolo
22:57 Cyprus?? Ok cool Chucky Bartolo
22:57 Maltanegro (screw you for the fright) Chucky Bartolo
22:56 Kids I'm scared Chucky Bartolo
22:56 Fifth ones: Norway Chucky Bartolo
22:56 Fourth: Sweden (thank god) Chucky Bartolo
22:56 Third one through: Slovenia Chucky Bartolo
22:56 Second finalist: Poland Chucky Bartolo
22:55 First finalist through: Lithuania Chucky Bartolo
22:54 Points for making fun of herself, saves me the hassle Chucky Bartolo
22:42 Chucky Bartolo
22:35 Currently listening to a brilliant acapella cover of Warrior by Teo, that or an extract from Gremlins Chucky Bartolo
22:32 Oh, Austrians, my bad. Chucky Bartolo
22:31 If they don't get Mary Spiteri in this flashback I will be annoyed Chucky Bartolo
22:26 Or bring me a pastizz. Both viable options Chucky Bartolo
22:25 Vote vote vote!! Chucky Bartolo
22:25 Texts from sister: Man you need to be a total ferhana to host this programme Chucky Bartolo
22:24 YAY IT'S CONCHITA AGAIN - stay on Conchita for the rest of the night. Thanks Chucky Bartolo
22:23 Gloria Mizzi 40 years ago Chucky Bartolo
22:22 Chucky Bartolo
22:22 The background is stock footage from a Lenor advert. I'm onto you Chucky Bartolo
22:17 That moment when you forget your violin at home and you hope no one notices Chucky Bartolo
22:17 I bet she’s playing a different (better) song on those headphones Chucky Bartolo
22:13 Lidl Value: Marco Mengoni Chucky Bartolo
22:13 Teo: He's so boring he's draining the colour from the room Chucky Bartolo
22:12 I've already rolled my eyes 4 times, and we're 15 seconds in. Chucky Bartolo
22:12 Corazon is loving the word "Cipru" bless Chucky Bartolo
22:10 Let it goo - Frozen II Chucky Bartolo
22:10 Forgettable song about being a shining star. Someone phone Alanis, this is irony. Chucky Bartolo
22:09 There is zero melody in this song Chucky Bartolo
22:07 Chucky Bartolo
22:06 This is also how you "face" Chucky Bartolo
22:06 This is how you gimmick Chucky Bartolo
22:05 Are we going to talk about his face? We should talk about his face. Chucky Bartolo
22:04 Of all countries to copy Avicii. You’re just asking for a lawsuit. Chucky Bartolo
22:04 Andi 4 forom tas silg x'tesplora habib Chucky Bartolo
22:01 Shaming the Icelandic Eurovision heritage - yes that is most certainly a thing Chucky Bartolo
21:59 If you held her nose during the chorus, no sound would come out. Chucky Bartolo
21:58 You know how there’s that girl your friend swears looks like Cheryl Cole and then you meet her and you pull an “eeeeh” face? This is her. Chucky Bartolo
21:57 Key change. Extreme falsetto...GUYS THEY'RE GENIUSES Chucky Bartolo
21:56 YES! GET THAT MARIAH HAND GIRL! Chucky Bartolo
21:55 Almost. Chucky Bartolo
21:55 It almost annoys me how perfect Azerbaijan is at Eurovision. They just get it Chucky Bartolo
21:54 Chucky Bartolo
21:53 Chucky Bartolo
21:52 This is the kind of song you vibe to at 5am when the club is empty but you don’t wanna go home Chucky Bartolo
21:51 Love Injected, or more likely Love Smoked Chucky Bartolo
21:51 Fashion secrets: If your lungs can't handle it, hide your ridiculously powerful voice in your dress Chucky Bartolo
21:48 Any song that has shimmies as a pivotal part of the choreography gets my vote Chucky Bartolo
21:48 Disgusted by the lack of phlegm in this song Chucky Bartolo
21:47 * Texts parents asking for a bar mitzvah * Chucky Bartolo
21:44 I TOLD YOU THEY WERE FROM HAMRUN. Qas 5 minuti ma damu Chucky Bartolo
21:44 Sidebar, his hands are huge. He looks like he could crush a coconut (or me) Chucky Bartolo
21:43 Look up Seether ft Amy Lee - Broken (it's literally the same song) Chucky Bartolo
21:42 Outfit sponsored by Daniel's, Hamrun Chucky Bartolo
21:40 I really wish I had some kind of proof she’s 18 to make the dancing less uncomfortable Chucky Bartolo
21:39 "Awkward chic" - Teo on her (and his own) dance moves Chucky Bartolo
21:38 So happy to see the bat from Anastasia is doing well Chucky Bartolo
21:37 Don't answer that. Chucky Bartolo
21:36 Why do I like this? What is it about depressing songs that just do it for me? Chucky Bartolo
21:34 Norway ft Lana Del Rey’s ghost Chucky Bartolo
21:32 The woman on the right is me when they're talking Chucky Bartolo
21:30 There is only one word for that: YAAAAS Chucky Bartolo
21:29 I want a gif of her going Super Saiyan at the end Chucky Bartolo
21:28 That vocal control though, yes Amber! Chucky Bartolo
21:26 Guys I was over this song when it began, and Amber is next. Get excited Chucky Bartolo
21:25 Wahey they found a tambourine Chucky Bartolo
21:24 Kinda disappointed he's not whistling through his denture as much as he did during his rehearsal Chucky Bartolo
21:23 A 40 second wait for an old man to sing something no one is understanding. A+ Chucky Bartolo
21:23 Did Corazon just call him "Simpatiku"?? Wait till you see him y'all Chucky Bartolo
21:22 "It's a chain of light for you, a chain of light for me, IT'S A CHAIN OF LIGHT FOR EVERYONE" - Oprah Chucky Bartolo
21:21 That echo harmony, no girl Chucky Bartolo
21:20 Head Mics are only viable options for people who know what they’re doing with their hands Chucky Bartolo
21:19 This I vow to you all, I'm never rejecting anything unless I say "no" like him Chucky Bartolo
21:17 The music dipped and I hoped for a key change. This is why I have trust issues Chucky Bartolo
21:16 From some angles she looks like a leprechaun trying out bartending Chucky Bartolo
21:15 If this doesn’t transition into “skinny love” I’m gonna be offended. Chucky Bartolo
21:15 Playing with numbers, aka maths Chucky Bartolo
21:12 SKANDLU!! Nanna close your eyes Chucky Bartolo
21:11 Enjoy this joy while it lasts, the next two hours is full of so much angst teenage me is jealous. Chucky Bartolo
21:10 The fact that he sang on a cruise liner explains a lot...you'll see soon enough Chucky Bartolo
21:07 "All good looking..." Girl, you thirsty Chucky Bartolo
21:02 My excitement is real, their smiles are not. Chucky Bartolo
21:00 IT BEGINS! I just physically groaned at the opening theme music Chucky Bartolo

Live from the most uncomfortable seat in the office, Chucky Bartolo is ready for all that the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 has to offer.

With 30 minutes left until the start of the show, the excitement in Vienna’s concert hall is mounting; the excitement in MaltaToday’s office could use some work.

Singing 5th in tonight’s line-up, Malta’s “Warrior” Amber Bondin is set to battle it out against 17 other countries to secure one of the 10 slots in Saturday’s final.

The other countries also competing tonight are: Lithuania, Ireland, San Marino, Montenegro, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic, Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Slovenia and Poland.

Stay tuned for live updates throughout the night, right here on MaltaToday.com.mt