Let the falcon fly | Falcon’s Flying Circus

Working quietly for over a decade to craft their own tribute to the classic rock sound of the 60s and 70s, Falcon’s Flying Circus are finally about to unleash their first album, courtesy of Reciprocal Records. The four-piece speak to Teodor Reljic about what led up to their self-titled debut, which will be launched on 27 August

Falcon’s Flying Circus first got together in 2005 and are now ready to launch their debut album
Falcon’s Flying Circus first got together in 2005 and are now ready to launch their debut album

You got together as a band in 2005. What were your original intentions back then, and did they change over time?

Back then, our main intention was to simply play as much as we could. We chose going down to our rehearsal space over anything else. We loved it. We happened to be a small group of people who had similar interests in old school music – the golden age of rock: 60s and 70s rock music – which was not something easy to come by back then. We didn’t just want to play the music but live the whole experience of it all and in our own way, we did. Eleven years down the line, we have evolved a lot together and worked a lot more on our own original material coming up to this point to releasing this album which is a collection of our whole journey together, with songs written over the years, from the very beginning until very recently.

What kind of influences do you bring to the table, and how do they help craft your particular sound?

Individually, we all bring something different to the table, with styles ranging from blues, rock, funk, soul to progressive rock. Putting all this together is what has nurtured and evolved into our own little style, so to speak.

What are some of the challenges of maintaining a band within the Maltese scenario? How have you stayed afloat so far?

The challenges are vast but we do it for the same reasons as when we started this in the beginning: for the music and our love for it. We are also proud to have stuck strong together throughout these years regardless of the many trends we have seen come and go. A lot of intention has gone into the band. We didn’t just want to make commercial music to become ‘successful’ but to re-awaken an era of rock music we loved!

On that note, what do you make of the local musical scene? What would you change about it?

Well, not too much to be desired. I must say we live in an age of marketing now where its more about the amount of likes you have on Facebook rather than the music itself. The problem isn’t necessarily Malta, times have changed everywhere. At least you can definitely say we don’t do it for the money, because there’s hardly any! In small country like Malta it’s important for musicians to work together, to raise the standard together. That alone would contribute to making things a whole lot better and bring things up to an even better standard.

What can we expect from your debut album?

This album is something we’ve worked on for a while now and are very excited to hear what response we’ll receive seeing as our music can now be heard on demand which was not available before. We feel we have contributed something different to the scene especially for those classic rock lovers out there. Our album can now be purchased at reciprocalrecords.com directly from us on Facebook or at the album launch gig, where we have a special set ready just for the occasion.

What’s next for you?

Once this album is released we have planned to get back to working on new material maybe even release another album soon. Who knows, just as we have matured our music has too so it’ll be interesting for us to see what’s coming next.

Falcon’s Flying Circus will be launching their debut album on August 27 at Zion, Marsaskala. They will be supported by Fuzzhoneys. Entrance is €7, €12 with CD. Doors open at 20:30