A new start for Teatru Malta at MCAST

Teatru Malta launches Autumn/Winter season programme, which comes as a breath of fresh air for the artists and teams working on it

Teatru Malta launches Autumn/Winter programme
Teatru Malta launches Autumn/Winter programme

Teatru Malta has launched its latest Autumn/Winter season programme, while celebrating an exciting new beginning at MCAST. 

The season will open with Immanuel Mifsud's highly anticipated return to the director's chair for the October production L-Għarusa, Ġużè Diacono’s one-act play starring Marceline Galea, which is being staged at the Knight's Armoury in Birgu, in commemoration of what would have been Diacono's 110th birthday and 20th anniversary from his death.

Similarly, the November production Il-Fidwa tal-Bdiewa, composed and directed by The New Victorians in co-production with FCN, is a collaborative adaptation entrusted to both The New Victorians and Clare Azzopardi in commemoration of Cremona's 50th anniversary from death. This reimagining of the coveted Maltese classic from the same people who brought you VII promises to be a riveting multidisciplinary, audio- theatrical production designed to get your adrenaline pumping, set to live music, and performed by an ensemble of artists including Jacob Piccinino, Matthias Camilleri and Lee-N Abela to name a few, at the Ximenes Redoubt in Naxxar. 

Lupu/Naghga, Simone Spiteri's latest play, and Teatru Malta's very first co-production with Du' Theatre, has been in R&D for months, slowly but surely evolving into a fully fledged production that's set to hit the stage this coming January at the Valletta Campus Theatre. Originally commissioned by the European Theatre Convention as part of the Pipelines project, this show promises to intrigue and spark your curiosity like a flickering light in the blackest of nights. Trikki Trakki Youth Theatre Festival also returns for its 6th year running under the helm of Festival Director Antonella Axisa at MSpace. 

Teatru Malta is in the process of moving to MCAST Paola campus
Teatru Malta is in the process of moving to MCAST Paola campus

As this MOU signing has unveiled, Teatru Malta is in the process of moving to the MCAST Paola campus for good. Priding itself in being the country’s leading vocational education and training institution, MCAST is fuelled by a similar multidisciplinary ethos that matches that of national theatre company whereby within MCAST grounds, Teatru Malta aim to continue evolving, and offer even more opportunities not just to our collaborating artists but to MCAST students alike. 

This relationship is as symbiotic as they come, with Teatru Malta now being able to set up shop on the Paola campus, make use of MCAST's well equipped rehearsal rooms and theatre as well as bring inspired young students on board their ever-developing projects. What will these students be doing? Learning of course, and while doing so contributing to the theatre ecosystem one production at a time, where they will be given the opportunity to gain first hand experience working with local experts in the field of theatre, ranging from set building, costume-design, light-design and much more. We can't wait to keep growing and learning together, one project at a time. 

The possibilities are truly endless, and the future is looking bright. 

For more information on Teatru Malta's latest programme of events please visit www.teatrumalta.org.mt