In their own words: Lupu/Nagħġa cast on playwright Simone Spiteri’s latest work

Teatru Malta’s Lupu/Nagħġa cast, ahead of next week’s premiere at Valletta Campus Theatre, interprets Simone Spiteri’s latest work in their own words

Left to right: Anthony Halldor Mizzi, Robyn Vella, Steven Dalli and Kristjana Casha
Left to right: Anthony Halldor Mizzi, Robyn Vella, Steven Dalli and Kristjana Casha

Magdalena van Kuilenburg

“Lupu/Nagħġa is raw, funny, scary, and thought-provoking. Is it really better to be a wolf for a day than a sheep all your life? Should we be afraid of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? For me, this play is a clear reflection of ourselves as part of society and how our daily decisions have a direct impact or influence what happens around us. During production meetings, and in my role as a dramaturg and actress in this piece, the vision has remained constant; that is to create a spectacular, technically interesting/challenging, and artistically impactful piece. That is what is going to be delivered to the audience. Promise!”

Steven Dalli

“Lupu/Nagħġa is an abstract play, extremely realistic in a way that the audience will be left analyzing themselves and the world around them. Coloured with animated movement and light we see different strata in society, where everyone is just a number. We will discover who is part of the flock and who is a predator, or be left thinking is everyone on the same side?”

Jean Claude Aber

“A very unusual, interesting, satirical play performed by a small group of actors each representing a different part of our twisted norms we call modern society.”

Kristjana Casha

“Lupu/Nagħġa is a provocative piece. It will make you think, reflect, maybe even feel a little bit ashamed, or make you go on the defensive. Who knows? It will evoke all sorts of reactions from the audience and that is what theatre should be all about, right?”

Joseph Paul Vella

“Lupu/Nagħġa is an allegorical journey where a small defiance of the system leads to a cascade of events, all interconnected. We are raising a mirror to the society we live in today,showing it its own reflection, warts and all. What you take from that reflection is up to you.”

Paul Portelli

“A loaded spring on steroids and that’s just the backstage crew. It’s also fun, a wonderful ride”

Carlos Farrugia

“In life there are either wolves or sheep. But at one time or another you were both a wolf and a sheep. It depends on the circumstances that life throws at you. Be prepared for anything during this amazing journey. Enjoy it to the full.”

Simone Zammit

“This play is a mirror of our society times they can be sheep or when convenient wolves. It alludes to actual recent events that this country has gone through and is still experiencing. Some choose to turn a blind eye, others follow, while others take the opportunity at the expense of others.”

Rachel Pecorella Genovese

“Lupu/Nagħġa walks us through an individual’s journey in trying to battle an injustice whilst in parallel reminding us of the hypocrisy society is riddled with... ultimately leading us to realise that even those who try to fight injustices will fail, and become complacent or worse.”

Franica Pulis

“It's a reflection of our society which suffers from the 'u ija' vice, that anything goes, which unfortunately makes corruption thrive in our country.”

Anthony Halldor Mizzi

“Lupu/Nagħġa is a comic-tragedy that takes a hard look at modern Maltese society on every level. By playing with everything from stereotypes to real events, this satirical play will have you questioning your place in society and whether we're actually as honest as we preach.”

Robyn Vella

“You’re out with your friends, dancing, drinking, having a blast, everyone around you is drunk, but you’ve convinced yourself you’re not - you’re sober, perhaps just a bit tipsy. You continue dancing, you continue laughing, you continue drinking. You go to the bathroom and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you look different, everything is distorted. You sit on the loo and in that moment reality hits - you’re just as drunk as everyone else. That’s how I would describe Lupu/Nagħġa.”

LUPU/ NAGĦĠA is a Teatru Malta commission for the European Theatre Convention as part of the Pipelines project in collaboration with Du’ Theatre, and supported by Arts Council Malta. This production will be presented in Maltese with English surtitles, and taking place between the 27th February and 5th February, 2023. For more information and to purchase your tickets, visit