Agius Saliba

Alex Agius Saliba is a Labour MEP

CFS and FM patients: their rights and needs
To help patients suffering with CFS and Fibromyalgia, the work must be...
Taking action now for patients with rare diseases
As a society, we can only empathise with what suffering rare disease patients...
Addressing the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum
Autism may be an unfamiliar condition to those who may not be accustomed to...
Addressing the needs of medicinal cannabis patients
These patients who are suffering from discrimination and a lack of...
Standing up for Malta and its people
Those not biased against Malta can recognise that this is a reformist...
Unfair discrimination on access to medicines
There is still no mirroring right entitling the member states to get access to...
Social media: easy to forget repercussions of words
What we write online and what we decide to share with our friends and family...
Taking control of our data | Alex Agius Saliba
Without us ever realising, digital platforms are making use of the data we...
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