George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Mother Nature – combating climate change | PKF
Business Comment
It begs the question why Malta with good exposure to rays of the sun has still...
Success of the trickle-down economy | PKF
Business Comment
Ideally, the ubiquitous trickle-down effect must reach the lower ladder of the...
Dream it, wish it, do it | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Our established pillars of the economy are peaking and having reached a plateau...
Budgets: beware the pitfalls of short termism | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Some predict oil price next year will reach $100 a barrel, particularly if US...
EU ushers in new rules on  cross-border insolvencies | PKF Malta
Business Comment
The essential ingredient for successful insolvency proceedings and protection...
A budget proposal: reduce VAT on dining
Business Comment
The PKF model clearly shows that forfeited VAT revenue is easily recouped by...
Hitting a $100 per barrel – a new interest in oil exploration | PKF Malta
Business Comment
A successful discovery will trailblaze a bright future for a new servicing...
Cryptocurrencies – are they a wolf in sheep’s clothing? | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Blockchain is an innovative platform – it is distributed over a...

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