Police hunt for 55 escaped prisoners in Ecuador
Prison guards are being investigated as accomplices.
PN mayor to be charged with usury
Police garner enough evidence to start court proceedings against Għarb...
‘No room for euro-sceptic candidates’ – Joseph Cuschieri
Interviewed by ILLUM, Cuschieri reveals that when he renounced his...
Socialists hopeful of a majority in the European Parliament
Socialist leader Hannes Swoboda praises Joseph Muscat's leadership in tackling...
‘Controversial’ sign to be amended
The sign was set up by the Fgura local council in a parking space reserved for...
KNPD in favour of data collection, wants voluntary registration
KNPD’s role in the data collection is still unclear and not yet defined, Joe...
Enforcement action against illegal scrapyard
MEPA launches direct action against illegal scrapyard in Siggiewi residential...
Prime Minister ‘awaiting further developments’ on Mistra Heights
Joseph Muscat defends MEPA board’s decision, rebuts calls for members...
HSBC launches €50 million trade fund
Business News
Prime Minister says Malta has to look beyond Europe for a global outlook.
Andrew Mizzi, Cory Greenland target GWU leadership
Business News
As Tony Zarb gets ready to bid farewell to his beloved union, supporters rally...
Government to introduce registry for disabled persons
The government is committed to deliver the concept of a just and fair society,...
'Poverty: a reality that was not addressed' - Coleiro Preca
Family minister says the increase in utility tariffs severely influenced the...
Corporal punishment still allowed despite UN commission’s report
Maltese law does not preclude beatings in homes as long that it is done 'within...
Galliani to leave AC Milan after 28 years
Galliani’s expected decision to split with the club comes after Barbara...
Updated | SMEs need new financing facilities, says Central Bank governor
Business News
Successful BOV Jeremie facility highlights need for new development bank.
‘The choice of the next President should be solely vested in Joseph Muscat's hands’ – Sant
Favourites for the post include Cabinet members Louis Grech and George Vella as...
Local council loses third of EU funds after ‘lack of research’
€120,000 were lost after it became known that a small area which was in the...
Updated | ‘Hands off’ Mater Dei’s management, Dalli tells government
John Dalli against Godfrey Farrugia’s decision to set up office at Mater Dei...
Children to choose what they want to see in new commissioner
Malta still has not removed reservation on banning corporal punishment as laid...
Prostitutes to relocate due to tallest building project
The €60 million project known as ‘Metropolis’ in Testaferrata street is...