Kurt Sansone is Online Editor of www.maltatoday.com.mt. He was formerly deputy editor of MaltaToday on Sunday and later editor of Illum, before joining The Times of Malta.

Miriam Dalli ranks 28 in list of most influential MEPs
Europe 2019
The Labour MEP is the only Maltese to make it to Vote Watch Europe’s top...
Illegally dumped animal waste shuts down sewage treatment plant
Water Services Corporation files police report after the Ta’ Barkat...
European election ballot sheet will be the longest so far
Europe 2019
A record of 41 candidates will be vying for Malta’s six seats in the...
Ingrid was right
It was a bad start for the PN’s European parliament election campaign...
It’s a surplus after all, even without passport money
Government finances are back to a surplus with new figures out on Tuesday...
Those who sowed the wind will reap the storm in May election - Joseph Muscat
Europe 2019
The Prime Minister says people will reject those who denigrated their country...
Voting documents to start being delivered
Europe 2019
Police officers will start the door-to-door delivery of voting documents on...
Marlene Farrugia warns Labourites: ‘Panama gang’ out to scupper Chris Fearne’s leadership bid
The Democratic Party MP advises Labour supporters to take back their party