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PN calls for ‘serious analysis’ of early school leavers phenomenon
Europe 2019
Students leaving school with no skills are being squeezed out of the market by...
[WATCH] Social housing will no longer be inherited - Prime Minister
Policy change will impact new social housing cases
[WATCH] Magistrate's ruling on Panama inquiry 'proof rule of law exists', Muscat says
Prime Minister welcomes ruling that widens 17 Black inquiry to include Panama...
Local council elections 2019: Labour’s deep south, and the PN’s uphill battle
The Labour Party draws its strength from blood-red strongholds in the south in...
Roberta Metsola is Malta’s most active MEP
Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola and Labour MEP Miriam Dalli were both fourth...
Updated | Magistrate says ongoing 17 Black inquiry should be extended to Panama Papers
Court & Police
An inquiry requested by former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil and civil...
[WATCH] He won't go abruptly but he won't elaborate... Joseph Muscat on his future
Europe 2019
Joseph Muscat insists he is totally focussed on the campaign leading to the...
Labour’s European election slogan not a call to nationalism, Joseph Muscat says
Europe 2019
Prime Minister says that he expects Labour Party MEPs to be critical of the...