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APS Bank becomes plc as it prepares to strengthen capital base
Business News
The church bank has completed the necessary internal changes to become a public...
Updated | Housing works destroy historic tunnel
Social housing project works suspended after digging destroys historic tunnel
Update 2 | Never mind the surplus, here is the deficit: Government €70 million in the red
An extraordinary increase in capital expenditure last year pushed central...
Updated | Man seriously injured in boatyard fire at Hal Farrug
A man was injured and several boats were destroyed after a boatyard went up in...
MEPs approve rule of law resolution targeting Malta and Slovakia
European Parliament approves rule of law resolution with 398 votes in favour...
EU to get 10,000 border guards with new agency
EU member states and the European Parliament have agreed to set up a new border...
Revisiting a Maltese mystery: Lino Cauchi, the accountant who knew too much
Lino Cauchi’s murder remains a mystery to this day. His widow, Anna, and...
137 suicides in five years
An average of 27 suicides every year were recorded in Malta between 2013 and...