Man sustains grievous injuries in Luqa car accident
A car crash in the outskirts of the Luqa industrial estate left a 43-year-old...
Updated | Farmers not yet paid EU funds, ‘government in breach of rules’ says Agius
Europe 2019
PN candidate Peter Agius says farmers are still denied their EU funds four...
Spring blues: Cold outbreak cools down week ahead
A significant cold outbreak has made its mark in the rest of Europe, but...
85 migrants rescued by Armed Forces of Malta
The migrants are expected in Malta this morning
Ombudsman finds PA circular on CTB properties to be ‘against principles of natural justice’
The investigation was requested by the Chamber of Architects and Civil...
[WATCH] ‘One of the rarest BMWs ever made’ is up for grabs in Customs sale
The BMW Alpina C1 was built in the early 1980s and is from a production run of...
[WATCH] Hurt voters, complacent voters, unity and all that
PN and PL candidates lay down their priorities for the 25 May election on...
Perpetrators of BOV cyber attack identified by international police
Bank of Valletta chairman Deo Scerri says that €10 million have so far...