Teodor Reljic is MaltaToday's culture editor and film critic. He joined the newspaper in 2010. He read English and obtained his Master's degree from the University of Malta in 2012, and is also co-editor of Schlock Magazine, an online fiction magazine. His debut novel Two is published by Merlin Publishers. A self-confessed geek, he is a fan of speculative fiction, comic books, and the films of Nicolas Winding Refn.

Film review | The Happy Prince
Compromised by amateurish tics that betray all the markings of a directorial...
Animating the parade | Parade & The Velvet Gentleman
Theatre & Dance
Part of the Modern Music Days initiative, Parade & The Velvet Gentleman...
Film Review | In The Fade
Turkish-German director Faith Akin uses the rise of the far-right in Germany as...
Laughing at human complexity | Chris Dingli
Theatre & Dance
Versatile comic actor Christopher Dingli will soon be uttering the classic...
Film review | Hereditary
Aster’s film is a prime example of horror’s ability to remind us...
Crank up your empathy-metre
Rushed by necessity but conceived as a pure labour of love, the...
Crystallising into flesh and feathers | Marie-Kieser Nielsen and Francesca Zammit
Theatre & Dance
Selected by a jury of international guests, a dance performance that challenged...
Not dancing around the issue(s)
Theatre & Dance
From July 5 to 8, the Dance Studies Association of the University of Malta will...

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