Tim Diacono is a former reporter for MaltaToday.

Post-election shake-ups in ministries’ private secretariats
A number of changes took place behind the scenes at ministries in the wake of...
Ethics instead of religion: what is the new subject students are getting?
Considering choosing ethics instead of religion for your child’s...
Statistics ‘proving PN’s pre-electoral business warnings wrong’
Simon Busuttil had warned that a Labour victory at the polls would deal a death...
Police investigating Identity Malta worker for misappropriating passport funds
Court & Police
Identity Malta calls in police to investigate employee for alleged...
Muscat tests conservative PN MPs by calling vote on gay marriage Bill
Joseph Muscat says he is concerned at how PN critics of Bill have declared they...
Fenech Adami: marriage equality law a ‘victory for love’ but new PN MP dubs it ‘Marxist’
Equality minister Helena Dalli lambasts Opposition's for spreading rumours...
Busuttil demands list of government sponsorships during election campaign
Simon Busuttil calls on ministers to release list of sponsorships they had...
Legalising marijuana risks harming society, Assistant Commissioner warns
Assistant Police Commissioner, Justice Commissioner, priest and recovering...

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