Why the world of business needs to rethink the concept of a USP

At a certain point, it was easier to stand out from the crowd

Source: pikist.com
Source: pikist.com

Lets dive right in and start with a definition. A USP is a Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition. In essence, it refers to any unique attribute exhibited by a company or a service or a brand or a ...you name it. It is the way in which a company's product or service stands out from the crowd. It is whatever makes it different from their direct competitors.

The modern age

At a certain point, it was easier to stand out from the crowd. For starters, there were less things in existence. Moreover, people's options were dictated by their geographical location. The digital age has changed this forever. Today, any and all can simply log on to the internet and take their pick of products from every corner of the world.

This means that almost every market is now saturated and so, a business's USP needs to more unique than ever. More importantly, it has to a feature something that genuinely benefits potential customers and/or users. This is what is most important when it comes to a successful USP. While this may sound simple, far too many businesses fall into the trap of focusing on something that is simply unique, rather than on something that is actually useful.

'The customer knows best...'

It may ring out like an old cliché but the reason it is said so often is that there is a hell of a lot of truth in this statement. Upon hearing it, we often think of providing customer service in an understanding and empathetic manner and, while this is most certainly something you should do, there is another side to this saying.

When a business is in the process of settling on a USP, they shouldn’t be trying to push an idea on the public, they should be trying to give the customer exactly what they want from a particular product or service.

Master of one

We have all experienced that special moment when a product or service offers you exactly what you want. It is important for businesses to remember that people are always on the look for a product that does what they want and, does it well. It is no longer simply good enough to offer something unique because thanks to the internet, there will always be others that offer a similar service. You need to pick what you will focus on, articulate it clearly and make sure you do it better than the rest.

Let’s take a look at two online casinos in order to illustrate this point. It is obvious that there is an abundance of choice when it comes to gambling online but the question is, what are customers in the 21st century really looking for?

Well, for starters, players want a large selection of options and for this reason, the casino Betsafe offers a huge variety of games that is sure to have something for everyone.

Furthermore, players want things to be fast and on demand. This is the exact reason why Supercasino online casino allows players to pay and play, as it gives them the autonomy they desire.

No matter what it is, make sure that your USP is giving the customer what they want, instead of what you think they do!