Melita starts 5G mobile network trial

Melita said the results of the trial can be accessed by the public

Melita Limited CEO, Harald Roesch
Melita Limited CEO, Harald Roesch

Melita has begun a 5G trial across a limited number of locations using frequencies which have already been used for other wireless services.

Melita, together with Swedish multinational Ericsson, started rolling out its 5G-ready network in 2018, achieving nationwide coverage by the end of 2019. This network, which currently delivers Melita’s 4.5G services, is now being tested to confirm its ability to safely and effectively deliver 5G in Malta.

“At Melita, our aim is always to offer our customers the best possible network and service. We must, however, ensure that this is done safely. While there has been a lot of unfounded scaremongering about 5G, that does not mean we should not proceed with caution and ensure that emissions are well within the globally accepted levels set by the WHO-endorsed organisation, ICNIRP,” Chief Executive Officer at Melita Limited, Harald Roesch said.

Roesch said that Melia measured the energy given out by radio waves from all telecom operators, TV broadcasters, etc. at 282 locations across Malta before switching on 5G. These measurements, taken at a street level close to antenna sites revealed that current total emission levels across the country are currently extremely low. 

“When we switched on 5G in our initial test site at Madliena, the increase in emissions was negligible, less than 0.1 per cent, meaning total emissions remain below one-hundredth of the ICNIRP guideline levels. These initial findings also match the data gathered in similar tests carried out in the United Kingdom by the national regulator, Ofcom. As our test proceeds, we will continue to take measurements and we will make the results public on our website,” Roesch said. 

Back in August, Melita had applied for a licence to trial 5G using existing mobile networks and frequencies.

There has been resistance in Malta to the introduction of 5G technology. Scientists had wanted to suspend the deployment of 5G data roll-outs until its potential hazards were investigated by scientists independent from the industry.

Melita has published the results of the trail which can be accessed at www.melita.co5m/5Gtrial.