39,000 Gillette photos uploaded during Malta Marathon

The power and potential that Facebook offers was never more evident than during last Sunday’s Malta Marathon when strategically placed Gillette photographers took almost 39,000 photos of runners which roughly translated into over 870,000 exposures or views on Facebook. This impressive amount is double the Maltese population.

Over 1,900 people registered with the innovative Gillette Shvoontag technology on Facebook during the Malta Marathon last Sunday. This meant  that all the registered participants' friends and families were able to follow them on their marathon run. It also meant that those who registered were able to take home a fantastic keepsake of their participation in the Malta Marathon as a valid memory of their achievements.

This was possible after 1,900 marathon runners simply logged onto www.shvoong.co.il/gillettemalta to enter their race bib number.

Those runners who didn't register are still in time to do so as the Shvoontag technology recognised over 3,000 unique bar codes and thousands of images have been uploaded.

All you have to do is log on now and receive your personalised digital album of your photographs to share with your friends. It's absolutely free.