Shireburn software exhibiting at 4 international exhibitions in 7 weeks

Shireburn Software is exhibiting its Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) solution, aimed at the airport sector, this week in Singapore and at three other international conferences and exhibitions in April.

Commencing this week at the ACI Economics & Finance Conference in Singapore, Managing Director John de Giorgio will also participate as a speaker with a presentation on Maximising Retail and F&B Performance through the use of Business Intelligence.

Shireburn Software will then go on to exhibit at three other international conferences and exhibitions throughout the month of April: Passenger Terminal World in Geneva, Switzerland; ACI Regional Airports Conference and Exhibition in Lyon, France; and ACI Europe Airport Trading Conference in Hamburg, Germany.

"Shireburn's CA+ software solution brings significant added value to airports at a time when they are increasingly looking at maximising the contribution from the retail and F&B operations in their terminals", explains John de Giorgio.

CA+ allows airports to collect sales data from the retail and F&B concessions in their terminals and to utilise the CA+ Business Intelligence module to analyse such data. Through detailed analysis of sales per flight, by destination, per passenger flown and product category, airports are able to work with their concessionaires to boost retail and F&B sales and thus revenues for the airport.

The BI components of CA+ are also used within the Shireburn Business Suite, which supports inventory, accounting and payroll/HR operations. This allows companies to analyse their performance across multiple channels of their operations allowing greater insight into trends and performance.

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