Bank of Valletta warns against internet fraud

Bank of Valletta is aware of a current scam targeting customers through fraudulent emails pretending to be from the Bank.

This e-mail states that the customer's Internet Banking account is due to expire and, through a link included in the e-mail message, directs the customer to a counterfeit website where he/she is asked to provide his/her personal and bank details. Customers are advised that under no circumstances should they open the attachments contained within these emails.

Such emails are  sent through a technique known as phishing - a form of online fraud and identity theft in which a malicious third party attempts to convince customers to visit a counterfeit bank website, in order to steal identity data and financial information. Such sites are designed to mimic authentic bank websites so as to lure the visitor in thinking that he/she is actually logged on to the bank's genuine site. 

The Bank wishes to remind its customers that it will never request 24x7 login credentials, PINs or credit card details through email, telephone or other means of communication.

The Bank stated that customers should always be vigilant against such scams that seek to lure them into surrendering such information to a third party. It said that customers should remember never to follow links directly from emails but to type the Bank's url, i.e., directly on their web browser when they wish to visit the BOV website.

The Bank added that the BOV SecureKey provides its internet banking customers with a secure authentication mechanism. However, customers should always be vigilant and observe standard information security precautions. More details are available on the BOV website at

For more information, customers may also contact BOV's Customer Service Centre on telephone 21312020.