Letters: 27 September 2015

Julian Jaeger
Julian Jaeger

Machinations at Vienna Airport

I was intrigued to read your feature article about the machinations at Vienna airport. It revealed to what extent foreign companies act to rout out competition. It is also an indictment on the former MIA CEO Julian Jaeger. And it comes as a concern considering that the Austrian company is an important player at Malta International Airport. 

My question is very simple: were the events that took place in Vienna replicated at Malta’s airport?  I would not be too surprised if they were, though I have no evidence of this.

Reginald Caruana, Birkirkara

Closing of Schengen borders

I found it rather bizarre to read that the former parliamentary secretary for the elderly Franco Mercieca appeal for the European council to lift the Schengen agreement.

I would have expected this proposal if Malta was inundated with displaced people. The contrary is true. Malta has been one of the luckier countries, and the least we can do is offer our solidarity.

I have the funny feeling that Mercieca is simply trying to appeal to the xenophobia of the Maltese who continue to believe that foreign people who are either Arab or black offer a very serious threat to our livelihood and jobs.

Robert Borg, Marsascala

Ruckus in Ponsomby Street

Every single evening until the early hours in Ponsomby street in Gzira a group of young foreign men gather at the door of a supermarket and park their cars in the middle of the street.  

Apart from the menacing looks, they have taken to drinking beer and other alcoholic drinks on the kerb.

I would like to appeal to the Gzira local council and the police commissioner Michael Cassar to take immediate action.

Erika Cassar, Msida

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