Letters: 22 November 2015

The knot must be unknotted

We live in an age when the copy and paste method has become a convenient form of expression in all fields.

Many consume their energies lifting ideas and finding solutions executed by others on the internet. In art such practice is abundant. The contemporary art scene is full of cliches and emulations while each artist wants us to believe that he is the authentic author. The public is often abused and treated like a fool because information is lacking.

If one looks carefully at the submitted examples one should not find it difficult to identify the source of the ‘knot’ in Castille square. Needless to say that similar sculptures are abundant everywhere because the knot is a cliché.

When one considers that the commissioned artist has not executed the marble piece himself, since he is no sculptor, the inevitable question follows: “what has he executed?” Today we are all fascinated by the term conceptual art, which is any weird art form that is tagged with a pseudo intellectual blurb.

Could it be that the artist is paid for providing such blurb so that we, ordinary citizens could be elevated to further intellectual heights? I am not of the opinion that our knowledge would rise higher than the rusty plinth after reading the blurb for the knot. It is a definite not. 

Paul Camilleri, Valletta

Be prepared

It is nice to forget all worries and just relax and enjoy life. However, there is a limit to how long one can afford to do this as finally all bills have to be paid and one has to see that one is well prepared to meet current and future expenses.

Unfortunately most Maltese, and especially the young generation, are not aware enough of the fact that within a few years, when they become pensioners, it will be impossible for the government to distribute enough money in pensions for them to live decently, due to the fact that there will be too many pensioners and not enough contributors towards pensions. It is already very difficult to make ends meet for pensioners to maintain their standard of living.

Wake up before it is too late and start thinking about your future. The only way you can look forward with hope of a better future is to ensure that you invest enough during your working age so that when you become a pensioner you have enough to supplement your pension to be able to keep up your living standards.

The Malta Association of Small Shareholders is working hard to persuade people to save enough and invest wisely so that their investments will ensure a good standard of living, especially when they grow old and they are not able to work hard.

Now is the time to become members of the Malta Association of Small Shareholders and start looking with confidence towards a bright future with peace of mind. All those interested to know more about the Malta Association of Small Shareholders can visit their website: www.mass.org

Saviour Buttigieg

Malta Association of Small Shareholders

Bezzina’s ‘people’s parliament’ a winner

It is most unfortunate that in Malta there is a significant dearth of men and women of the calibre of this superb social educator who is once again addressing the Maltese nation on a regular weekly basis on Smash TV. 

Emmy Bezzina’s unfailing recipe keeps intelligent television viewers glued to their sets, using simple facts and logic, plus the proverbial balls to call a spade a spade whatever the subject under discussion.

He is at once insightful and meticulous whenever he is explaining a particular situation or scandal. TV viewers and telephone communicators, who are invited to contact Bezzina during the programme, are normally left without any doubt where the wind might be blowing.

I sincerely hope, together with disillusioned Maltese citizens, that Bezzina’s ‘Il-Parlament tal-Poplu’ acts as a catalyst to make Malta a true democracy and a much better place for ordinary citizens to live in. Keep it up!

Vladimir Cini, Marsaxlokk