The fact PN and PL rallies were apparently immune to COVID was an underappreciated breakthrough

The Skinny | No 132 – We’ve Won!

What are we skinning? Victory!

Why are we skinning it? Because we’ve won!

Wait, who’s won? The party that’s in favour of continuing to criminalise abortion, is essentially owned by the construction lobby, and intends to maintain both spring hunting and the golden passports scheme despite resistance from the European Union of which it (ostensibly) forms part.

But you can’t possibly know the result of the general election at the time of writing. No, but that hardly invalidates what I’ve said above.

Because it describes both parties? Yes, exactly. So, we can celebrate in advance!

I guess that means we can celebrate all year round, then. Yep, and it doesn’t even have to be an election year!

No wonder the Maltese keep ranking high on those ‘life satisfaction’ polls year in, year out. And those who cast any form of doubt on those polls are depressed, insecure party-poopers who wouldn’t know a good thing if it hit them in the face like a stray piece of concrete from a gloriously active construction site next door.

Really, one begins to wonder what the point of elections even is if we’re all so happy with the status quo. Well, you can’t fault the people for needing a regular dose of street party antics every four years or so.

That’s true. Not least because said parties have the power to deflect the effects of a global pandemic.

The fact that PN and PL mass rallies were apparently immune to the effects of COVID was an underappreciated scientific breakthrough. If there’s any justice left in this world, both party leaders need to be venerated alongside the great pioneers of medicine, like Marie Curie…

Though I guess Timothy Leary would make for the more apt comparison. The mind is a rich and multi-faceted landscape, yes, and anything that nudges us to explore its wider confines is to be applauded. So I agree.

Wider confines… like forgetting the pandemic exists because warm bodies are to pack mass meetings, no matter the cost? The alternative would be unthinkable. So don’t think it.

Ah yes, we’re all about the status quo after all. And don’t worry. It will continue to reign supreme.

Do say: “The inertia of both the political class and the electorate (be it the result of situational fatigue or otherwise) is likely at the root of the unprecedented abstention rate among voters this time around.”  

Don’t say: “Can’t wait for the environment to TRULY be made a priority over the next four years.”