Concerned residents start crowdfunding campaign to challenge Mistra Project

Residents and other interested citizens have resorted to a crowdfunding campaign to collect the necessary funds to challenge the Planning Authority's decision

The appeal for the Mistra Project has to be filed by the 24 February of this year
The appeal for the Mistra Project has to be filed by the 24 February of this year

Residents and other interested citizens have set up a crowdfunding campaign to cover the legal costs of challenging the planned development in Mistra which was recently approved by the Planning Authority.

The appeal needs to be filed by 24 February, four days from now, and the residents need €7,350 by that time. 

"The money you are giving is going to pay for the appeal fee and to pay for the professional services that will argue for our case. We will also keep everyone informed of what is happening with the project," the residents said in a statement.

The Mistra Project has been approved, with a planned four blocks, rising to 12-storeys housing 744 residential units.

The residents are asking for donations to be made via Paypal using [email protected] as an email address and have said that if the amount required to file the appeal is not collected by the deadline, all the funds would be refunded.

The residents, under the banner of Facebook group Save the North, also encouraged interested parties to pressure the St Paul's Local Council. "Put pressure on them to help fund the appeal as they represent us, the citizens."

The group said it had been approached by several residents who expressed their disappointment at what they say is their council’s unwillingness to fight for the community.  

"They're too busy fighting each other. The mayor and councillors are responsible for St Paul's Bay and Xemxija, well over 25,000 residents. If they cannot represent us and help us appeal this monstrosity, they should resign straight away and allow competent people to do the job," one of them said.