Partit Demokratiku calls for automatic organ donation
Ministry calls out In-Nazzjon on news report claiming swine flu at Mater Dei
Updated | Doctors scoff at Vitals’ ability to support Mater Dei
WHO to contribute to eHealth Week 2017
Hospital swamped with work as cold spell hits the island
Cheaper prices for meds against narcotic addiction, high blood pressure, acne
Diabetics eligible for free glasses, antibiotics and dental care
Law banning smoking in cars with minors enters into force
Law association say 69% of university students agree with euthanasia
Expired Tamiflu given to patients still effective, inquiry finds
Health students come out in favour of euthanasia
Food imports from Ukraine seized due to virus risk
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Morning-after pill available at pharmacies as of today
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With one in four smokers, the Maltese are among EU’s more prolific tobacco users
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Bill to allow 16-year olds obtain medical help without parental consent presented
University and ALS Malta sign agreement putting Malta at forefront of ALS research
Malta registers lowest proportions of long-standing limitations
Nestlé scientists can slash sugar in chocolate without changing taste
Malta to host conference on rare diseases in March
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Gay rights groups propose new treatment and easier access to HIV medication
Parliament’s health committee to examine hospital contracts
EU survey: Girls in Malta live longer, healthier lives
Health minister to consult bioethics committee on end-of-life care