European project aimed at tackling rare diseases to be launched next week
Maltese living healthiest lives in Europe, report suggests
Mental health services' board of directors holds its first meeting
Maltese soft drinks industry to reduce added sugars by 10% by 2020
Dalli: 'Morning-after-pill instilling culture of self-care’
HIV: 122,000 Europeans are unaware they are infected
2,584 sign up as organ donors since enactment of new law
Homework, football, ballet, catechism…  where is the free time for kids?
No doctor transfers to Vitals until contracts fully published, union warns
On World Cancer Day, President announces TV sets for each bed at oncology centre
Three drugs used by cancer patients added to the national health system
Malta retains modest ranking in healthcare index
Malta planning rapid HIV testing as Europe seeks to adopt effective policies
Fighting obesity: France bans free soda drinks refills
Students deserve medical facts, not propaganda on contraception say Women’s Rights Foundation
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School, children, and tablets: why an inability to accommodate can limit the imagination
Levonelle and Escapelle emergency contraceptives authorised for sale
Medicines Authority: emergency contraception does not cause abortion
Medical study calls for mandatory helmets for children
Parliament agrees on granting 16-year-olds right to own medical consent
Partit Demokratiku calls for automatic organ donation
Ministry calls out In-Nazzjon on news report claiming swine flu at Mater Dei
Updated | Doctors scoff at Vitals’ ability to support Mater Dei
WHO to contribute to eHealth Week 2017
Hospital swamped with work as cold spell hits the island
Cheaper prices for meds against narcotic addiction, high blood pressure, acne
Diabetics eligible for free glasses, antibiotics and dental care